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I believe that finding and creating a beautiful relationship begins with having a clear understanding of who we are and having done our own work in order to attract someone magnificent into our life.

The work is deep, powerful and touches on every aspect of life.

About Graham R White


Who do you work with?

STRONG WOMEN – entrepreneurs, business owners or dynamic women who want to maintain the success they have achieved, but want to attract and create a relationship with a man strong enough and capable enough that she can relax into her feminine energy outside of work.

EMPATHIC MEN who have an energetic connection to the world around them, are sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others and want to be able to develop the courage of character to be able to lead with consistency, dignity and be respected in every area of life.

What’s your background?

My expertise is in understanding human behavior.  In 2003 I created what became the world’s largest one-on-on personal and financial coaching program.  We had 150 coaches and 20,000 clients.

Since then I have In 2005 I began consulting to people who wanted to use their transformational gifts to build a business.

My work involved supporting and mentoring those who are committed to reach their potential in all areas of life.  

I believe that more important that one’s experience is the evidence of their life.  The relationships with my partner, my children, my clients past and present and what they would say about me is what matters to me.

In addition to counselling individuals and couples, I have worked with families with gifted, strong-willed and autistic children.  I am a father of four, two with unique needs.


The men and women I work make quantum leaps in life in the areas of personal growth, relationships and success in business and work.  The first step is falling in love with themselves and appreciating how much they have to offer.

The energy that is created from that process either breathes life into the relationship they’re in, gives them the courage to set their standards for something more or attracts the partner ideally suited to their fully lived personality.

In simplest terms, their love life and bank accounts reflect the energy of the magnificence they were born to live and lead with.

The changes are profound – the kind that people who know you best will go out of their way to ask you what’s happening in your life because there’s something new about you that feels so good.  

How long do you work with clients?

Depending on the work it’s anywhere from 3 – 12 months.  The commitment is month to month.

Costs are dependent on the number of calls and starting at $150 USD.


What Clients Have To Say:


Energy is EV-ER-Y-THING! Everything!

Working with Graham has broken open the protective layer I had created to keep my heart safe. I have been attracting in special men and shifted how people flow into my business practice in a way that feels effortless now.

My life has been no easy ride and I have had to want things badly and put in a lot of hustle to see anything get momentum. I spent 12 years looking for a way to connect to my heart and open my energy, attending courses, trying to do the work, but somehow it just never managed to take hold.

I attended so many weddings without a ‘Plus 1,’ but now I’m attracting the kind of energy, love, attention and affection that my soul was craving.

My family and employees have noticed the shift as well, and I’ve learned to break out of the mental energy I used to exist in and crop into my heart to be more attractive in every way.

My health issues have all but disappeared as my stress levels have gone down and there is a glow in my essence that is attracting a completely different type of man. Even my relationships with friends and family have changed. Life changing for SURE!


I didn’t realize until working with Graham that my whole life I had never truly put myself first. It was like my life’s purpose was proving to others I was worth something without being able to just own the fact that I mattered.

Something about Graham sees you in a way that is both pure and powerful. For the first time in my life I knew that I deserved to put myself ahead of what my parents, partner or society thought of me and consider what I truly wanted for *me*.

My self-worth stopped being a measure of my success of the man I was with and life just became a question of what *I* wanted for myself. I’ve found peace, I’ve found purpose, I’ve found a woman that deserves to be loved.


I’m used to leading, being the one people come to in order to figure out the answer. It was a relief to find a man who could hold space where I could work through my own questions.

I spend decades in an industry surrounded by other men who measure your worth based on the size of the accounts you manage and how many women you’ve scored. The truth is, there is no dollar figure or number of sexual conquests that can fill a hole in your soul.

I have a purpose beyond my next million now. I see how the pieces fit together for me as a father, a partner, a leader and a businessman. It’s like I’m seeing 360 and breathing without the weight I was carrying for so long. Today I’m living fully alive.


It’s rare to find a place where you don’t have to keep it all together. When so many people are counting on you to succeed in order to be able to take care of their own families, it’s hard to find someone to talk through your own challenges in life.

I pride myself on what I’ve created in business, but my priority is my family and relationship with my partner. When this isn’t optimal, it affects how effective I can be at work and that matters to me because so many families depend on the decisions I make.

Not only is Graham able to create a space to work through any issues that come up with any of the kids, but knowing his partner can provide honest feminine perspective to my partner means I’m not doing this alone.

The result for us is that my business has grown at the same time as we have been able to create a deeper, closer and more personal dynamic in the home and that’s the kind of multiple win I was looking for.


The time I spent mentoring with Graham has had the most impact on my being of anything in my life. He challenged me to step up and be a man in every aspect of life and inspired me by seeing greatness in me before I realized it in myself.

The work I did with him allowed me to finally address and get honest about something that has always been a weakness and embarrassment… Financial responsibility.
I was also trapped in an addiction that I did not realize – alcohol. I am sober 17 months and as I am working thru cleaning up my past and rebuilding who I really am I am discovering my true purpose in life. I am convinced deep within me and in my innermost masculinity that I need to do this.




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