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Jennifer is available for a limited number of personal mentoring clients.  She specializes in working with highly sensitive and empathic women who feel like their gifts, energies, personality and emotions are too much – too much for others and even too much for themselves.  She supports women through heartache, personal growth, break-ups, getting back into the dating game and women with relationship or parenting questions.

About Jennifer Funk

Jennifer is a highly intuitive empath whose gift to feel into people’s energy allows her to sense the world around her on an energetic level. Not understanding this when she was younger, she felt like she was too much – too much energy, too much spirit and too much emotion.

After her marriage ended she made the decision to partner only if she found someone who embraced her completely for who she was and the the special qualities she had to offer. Jennifer spent four years as a full-time single working mother looking after her children and working with her mentors to ensure she would not settle for “Mr. Goodenough,” but wait for the man who would embrace everything about who she is.

Jennifer had an intuitive sense she was ready to find love again and and met her life partner within 2 days. By doing the work, preparing her heart, setting her standards and knowing her worth she attracted all that she was looking for and more.

Jennifer uses her unique gifts in support of highly sensitive and empathic women to embrace the beauty of who they were born to be and claim high standards for themselves and their relationships.

What Clients Have To Say:


Anna Margolis


Jenn is a highly intuitive, empathic, and non-judgmental mentor to visionary women.  Quite frankly she is a totally conscious bad-ass, who makes it safe to feel the entire spectrum of feelings and her ability to intuitively sense when something big is coming up is uncanny.

Working with Jenn has not only enabled me to become aware of where my blocks were, but allowed me to engage them with genuine curiosity and loving kindness, release the emotional energy and confidently move forwards.

Her commitment to her own growth is obvious and she offers an inspirational example for women to follow while providing the space for others to experience accelerated transformation.  No emotion, no matter how crazy it may make her clients, ever scares her.

She is accessible and available, even while running a household with 5 children.  Without a doubt her highest value  is her ability and commitment to holding a safe space completely non-judgmentally for the women she works with to feel and express their most deep-seated fears and emotions into.

Frankly, she’s a Superwoman!

I’m not sure how or where to begin in expressing how grateful I am to have had Jenn in my life and in my corner this past year. Without her unwavering belief in me and in our ability to bring our company into reality, there is every chance that I would have given up.  In short, I love her, I’m exceptionally grateful for her and she’s worth every penny (and then some).

Leslie Ann

Leslie Ann


When I met Jenn I was struggling with the decision to leave my marriage. I knew that somewhere along the way I’d lost myself and the dream I had for what I wanted from a partner, but I’d become so buried under the feelings of the relationship I didn’t know who I was or what I truly deserved.

What I knew for sure was that I was ready to be me again.

Saying that I gained something from this experience is a major understatement. Jenn gave me the tools I needed to change it myself and supported me through every step of the process. She gave me the space I needed and allowed me to work through a lot of dark truths I held for many many (many) years.

I continue to evolve in my journey and discover new things about myself and continue to work on the untruths. But because I made a commitment to myself, and chose Jenn to work with, I’m confident I have what I need to continue on the right path.

With Jenn’s support I became the woman I was meant to be, attracted an AMAZING partner, and I’m truly living my life now. Not just surviving it. I would applaud anyone who has the courage to do the same. Working with Jenn is the best first step anyone can take in my opinion.




I have expanded and learned so much over the past week that I don’t even know where to start – I’m going through some seriously big shifts right now.

Ever since we began it’s as if the universe has opened up. Knowledge, lessons and opportunities for growth are constantly being placed in front of me.

I had a wonderful breakthrough on Friday. I have had panic attacks since I was a child, and after an emotionally overwhelming week and a trigger, I found myself in panic mode, frozen, wanting to cancel all of my plans and hide before I broke down.

What I did decide to do is honour my inner child. To invite her out, ask her what she needed, acknowledge her, recognise her, validate her, and tell her that it’s okay to feel terrified. I held her hand through it until she felt okay again.

This was something that never occurred to me before, that my intense fear was my inner child needing love and safety. It nearly chokes me up writing that.

I have a feeling that my new found ability to honour my inner child is going to have a profound impact on my life and have been discovering more about my feminine energy and experimenting more and more with boundaries and voicing my truth.

I am a little bit overwhelmed with how much people’s attitudes toward me have shifted since my attitude toward myself and my life have changed and my standards have risen. People have started complimenting me, backing me, supporting me, coming to me for help, and standing up for me. I’m gobsmacked.

I am so grateful to be on this incredible journey with you. If this is what can happen in a month I can’t wait to meet the woman I will be in a year’s time!

Leslie Ann


Last week you began talking to me about my feminine energy, which I know some women fully understand and feel comfortable with, but I basically felt totally lost and wondered, “What the heck you eat that with???”

That was me. I look feminine, but I feel so masculine. I thought I had to be tough, focused and competitive to be successful. But what protected me also starved me.

Diving so deeply into my masculine energy protected me from men, from emotions, from being vulnerable… And it starved me of my own loving energy, my femininity and I’ve met many women who also feel they drowned themselves in the masculine as a measure of protection.

After my divorce, I sunk into my career and into my masculine energy so deeply that I almost forgot what it means to be a woman.

Last week you lifted up the veil I had so sternly put over my eyes and something shifted.

After the call I felt like I had reconnected to a memory I had a long time ago and just couldn’t remember how to get back in touch with. I knew deep in my heart that you were there to help me rediscover my authentic feminine self.

You said, “Go deeper, to who you really are,” and I realized I had NEVER learned to embrace my femininity and the definitions I had for it were extremely vague.

I questioned how lipstick, nail polish, high heels or a bubble bath can bring that out…

You helped me realize that it’s not the rituals, the makeup or the wardrobe that makes a woman feminine, it’s the intention her energy projects. I decided to sit with feeling and enjoying my feminine form in contrast to the masculine drive I’ve been using to protect me and propel my career.

I spent every moment since our call thinking about it and choosing to begin living with “feminine intention” and Wow! Something has definitely shifted in me!

What had previously seemed like silly ideas became a natural action of my mind and body simply by adopting the intention of feeling more feminine.

I noticed myself moving slower, from my hips. I found myself listening to different music, putting lotions on my body, doing yoga and taking myself on a date… And actually enjoying my own company!

What my logical mind once thought, “This would be nice but I have no time,” became “I don’t need to wear my watch for this, I’m giving myself the gift of time!”

This is the first time in my life that I realize something that was inside me all along can feel this good, and I plan to reclaim the magic of my feminine energy completely. Just watch me!




Thank you SO much! I already feel like a huge weight has been lifted from both my mind and body – I haven’t felt this happy in so long. I know you are the special person who will be able to help me deal with this horrible, heavy weight I have been lugging around, for what feels like my whole life.

I feel so hopeful and rejuvenated even :) So happy to have given myself “permission” to have time to heal from trust issues. I was putting far too much pressure on myself. <3




I made those calls I was so worried about and procrastinating on for a month. You were SO RIGHT! The conversation was SO GOOD. I wasted WEEKS worrying…and it was FINE. Feel the fear and do it RIGHT AWAY….

I’m really grateful for your perceptions, perspective and context that you bring to me. I feel stretched each time we talk, like my context grows each time. I am also grateful for your non-judgement and permission that you give me…since these are muscles of mine that are not strong yet. It helps me practice.

I’m feeling stronger each day now with my new habits. I so appreciate you having my back on this because no one who has supported me in the past or who I’ve worked with has ever really ‘got it’ from a personal experience and you’re helping to take me where I need to go and on the road I need to be on.

Your support and encouragement brings me so much strength and love. I have tears. Jenn, I love that you have so much wisdom around this. I can tell that you’ve really done the work and have overcome this on a deep level. That matters so much to me. <3




Having these daily reminders of not settling and setting boundaries has enabled me to stay strong in my conviction that I deserve so much better thsn the way I was being treated.

With your guidance and support, it has been an easy release, one week of allowing my grief to rise, now every day the sun is metaphorically shining brighter and brighter!
Since connecting with your wisdom I have finally been able to let go of an on again, off again relationship which was dragging me backwards emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually.

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