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12 Weeks of Video And Guided Assignments

  • 01 Healers are born with a unique gift that requires a much more evolved process for creating healthy relationships
  • 02 The gift of the healer is constantly looking to connect to a need.  How to make sure that connection is healthy for both.
  • 03 How to protect yourself from attracting emotional children, bottomless pits and narcissists
  • 04 The processes for healers necessary to be able to live without shutting down their heart
  • 05 Setting boundaries with those we're close to so we form healthy relationships and don't become their healer
  • 06 Healthy places to find opportunities where our gifts are welcomed, acknowledged, appreciated and acted on
  • The other 6 weeks in the course will be guided by the interactive conversations and questions. 
  • We will do one live group video conference each month for three of those calls

This is a group of unique women who are extra giving, extra loving and extra sensitive to how their love is received and reflected back.

Not only are you going to learn what you need to know, but you'll be in a safe space to do the processing necessary to build the strength to no longer simply give away your love.

It's a special feeling to be surrounded by women who know exactly what it feels like to love big, but who understand how to wait to give the love until the type of man who is truly ready for it appears.



Anything is possible and can become even easy and enjoyable when we're surrounded by mentors who have been where we're at and are able to show us the way to where we want to be.

If you're reading this I know that you understand that what has the most value also take the greatest amount of commitment and effort, but achieving the biggest goals doesn't have to be done alone or just by our own effort.

Stop wondering if you've done enough, if what you want is possible or if the relationship you dream of exists. Connect to a group of women who are living the life you're committed to and learn to rely on the strength and wisdom of other conscious women instead of feeling like you're doing everything on your own.


Get the answers you want about how to attract a conscious supportive man, one who is not needing you for his own healing, but actually has an abundance of his own to offer you. 

You deserve to be loved. 



This is Especially for Women Who Love Big!

Let me teach you how to share your love

I'm going to show you the difference between being a loving and supportive partner and an over-giving healer so that you are in a relationship that not only feels equal and supportive.  

I guide women to not simply have a fulfilling relationship, but one where it constantly feels like you're with someone who is filling you up rather than you pouring into them.

I want you to understand how precious and valuable the gifts you have to give are so that you're not giving them away.  The processes I teach will give you what you need to be able to hold space for your love until the man who can genuinely appreciate and reflect it shows up.

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3 Monthly Payments

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  1. Self Love Soulmate
  2. Relationship Recovery
  3. The First 90 Days
  4. Leaning Back
  5. Masculine Wounding
  6. Understanding Men 1.0
  7. Understanding Men 2.0
  8. Open His Heart
  9. Soul Seduction
  10. Soul Sex Mastery

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