Healing Masculine Wounding


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8 Video Calls, Guided Assignments & Meditations

  • 01 Preparing Mind, Body and Soul to Release Trauma 
  • 02 Understanding the Father Wounding
  • 03 Healing the Father Wound
  • 04 Identifying Old Masculine Trauma
  • 05 Identifying Limiting Beliefs and Energetic Blocks About Men
  • 06 Trauma Release
  • 07 Repairing The Nervous System
  • 08 Opening Up Your Feminine Soul To Connect To Your Highest Self

These aren't secrets as much as they're non-intuitive to women's nervous system.  Because our primary need is safety and a man's is freedom, most women end up pushing men away.

When we carry trauma in our space it blocks our authentic essence and therefore blocks men from feeling who we truly are.

Unresolved trauma is also the reason we blow up relationships, self sabotage, can’t receive love, don’t trust the masculine and accept absolute bullshit from a partner.

The pain we feel and experience in relation to men is connected to the father wound. This is our core/ root masculine wound.



No matter what you've experienced in the past, there is a man uniquely designed to desire and appreciate the qualities that only you have in the combination that you have them.

Having a father who did not or could not give us the unconditional love that we needed to feel safe and supported. A safe and loving space to be the most authentic versions of us.

When the father wound is still present we choose impossible men (to try and heal the wound). This only adds to the wounding and trauma.

Then we have father wounding PLUS masculine wounding full up in our space.

Our inner child AND our adult woman are actually love deprived/starved of masculine love and attention and we don’t have the ability to choose consciously from this plane.

Your picker isn’t broken - it’s the trauma.

You deserve to be chosen & loved. 



This is For Women Who Believe In The Intentions Of Good Men.

There are men who are the combination of safe, masculine and loving.

These men are out there looking for a woman who is not carrying the triggers and wounding from past relationships, but who are healed, whole and ready for a man who embraces them fully.

Every one of the men who has become a partner to one of the women I've worked with can't imagine going back to a life without her.  All of these men choose the woman they've partnered with more deeply every day.

Let us share with you both sides of what this feels like and why a man appreciates the opportunity to make the kind of connection that feels so special - why he wants that "right one" and has been waiting for you to claim and own all that your worth so he can recognize and choose you.

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3 Monthly Payments

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  2. Relationship Recovery
  3. The First 90 Days
  4. Leaning Back
  5. Masculine Wounding
  6. Understanding Men 1.0
  7. Understanding Men 2.0
  8. Open His Heart
  9. Soul Seduction
  10. Soul Sex Mastery

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