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Attract In Magnificent Masculine Energy By Learning How To Own Your Worth


LEANING BACK: An Energy Irresistible To High Value Men


This course is designed to move you into the energetic space of men High Value men and support you to ensure you carry the kind of energy men find irresistible.  The cost of this program is less than a monthly Yoga membership or daily Starbucks.

If that’s more financial resources you find yourself able to allocate, feel free to send us a message about how we went from $100,000 in debt to being debt free and able to live a lifestyle that satisfies the soul.  Few things feel more discouraging than not having the relationship you want, but we know that feeling financially powerless can be more oppressive.

If you do allocate money for entertainment, personal style, travel, self-help and self-love and this course would require you to adjust some of those choices for the time you’re in it, consider the value of having someone to share all those things with you – even treat you to them – and decide of it’s worth attracting a high value successful man… 

Are Good Women Single Simply Because There Are Too Few Good Men?

The thing I hear from women who have lost a good man is, “I think I wanted it more than he did.  I tried too hard and it pushed him away.

It’s not easy to hold back once you finally meet a high quality man.  You know that the same qualities you find remarkable about him are just as attractive to other women and in the early stages it’s easy to find yourself wondering if he feels as drawn to you as you do to him.

The secret is Leaning Back.  This isn’t a trick.  It’s not a technique.  It’s an authentic way of being that even high value men find highly attractive and makes us stand out from all the other women they know or that they meet.

You WANT a man who has a lot of options and that isn’t choosing you simply because he’s settling for the best he can get.  What you want is to know that the man you’ve attracted has lots of great options, and of all of those options he is choosing you because of what you uniquely have to offer.

How Would Your Life Be Different If You Woke Up 6 Months from now Engaged To A Remarkable Man?

Every year over the Christmas season I received engagement notifications from clients and former clients.  You’ve likely read some of those stories that I’ve shared where women have learned to Lean Back and really great guys have responded by leaning in and moving things forward in the relationship in a BIG way.

When a woman learns to Lean Back, men have a natural response to lean in and romance, take care of and sweep a woman off her feet.  Flowers, dinners, trips and engagement rings are just some of the ways that men try to show how much a woman means to them.

A woman who knows how to give a man space to figure out his mind and his path is rewarded by his desire to give her the life and security that makes her feel safe and desired.  Every woman has the ability to flip that switch once she knows how to tap into it.  What would be different for you if there was a man in your life who loved nothing more than seeing you have that?

High Value men desire women who own their self worth

It wasn’t comfortable for me to think about the fact that Graham was a man who could choose to be with whatever kind of woman he felt was best for his life.  When we met he already had a following of hundreds of women who loved what he was writing and he’d dated enough to know that he was never going to have to worry about being alone, unloved or unappreciated. 

In fact, Graham flat out told me when we met that he wasn’t dating or interested in a relationship.  The only reason we’d met was that he was still going through Dating Profiles for what he was writing and he just HAD to find out who the person was behind the profile I’d wrote.  

So when we met he was clear he wasn’t going to getting into a relationship with anyone.  He’d had enough of dating and trying to bend himself to what women wanted to know that he needed all of his energy to focus on his kids and his business.  This was the start of my Leaning Back and allowing his truth to be his and my energy to naturally attract him to the decision that a relationship with a woman like me would be worth more.

Leaning Back Is What Inspires Men To Lean In

Men DON’T want relationships the same way women do…

The reason men feel like they don’t want to commit and offer a lifetime of exclusivity is because that’s what women want – men want as much freedom as possible.  The reason Leaning Back is such a brilliant way to attract a man is because it shows them that a relationship with you has the possibility of more freedom than they can create on their own. 

Unconscious men are under the impression that a relationship cuts them off from freedom.  Conscious men who are focused on a life of purpose understand that relationship with the right kinds of people create a foundation that allows for more freedom and when they meet a woman who has the ability to Lean Back, they can’t help themselves from wanting to get to know her more.

Graham has told me repeatedly that I made it impossible for him to say “No”.  As much as he tried to hold himself back from getting connected and getting involved, my energy that came from Leaning Back made it impossible for his masculine nature not to Lean In.

He went from letting me know that he couldn’t imagine being in a space where he wanted to date to moving in together 5 months later, and every step that our relationship took was one that he pursued and asked me for.

A Man Is Inspired By A Woman Who Creates Space For Him To Lean In

What I discovered was that every time I leaned back it was like a magical way for him to feel safe to lean in.  I never once had to ask Graham to offer me what I was looking for and many of the things he felt wouldn’t happen or wouldn’t happen for a very long time he ultimately was inspired to offer.

When I mentor women is teaching them how to create a safe space in order to have the confidence to lean back so that a man is inspired to Lean In.  This process is literally guaranteed to create an energy that men find irresistible and that compels THEM to be the one asking for deeper connection and commitment from you.


I’ve created this program based on the length of time that I’ve seen it takes to shift your energy to become the kind of woman High Value men are irresistibly drawn to with the skills to Lean Back as he gets to know you and make him commit more and more deeply.  

This is exactly the steps I’ve taken every one of my clients through who went from single, lonely and wondering if she was too much or not enough to happily partnered with a man who has offered her everything she desired and more!  

Guys want to win more than anything, it’s hard wired into them. They want to win at their job – and that could mean getting paid more. Or it could mean being their own boss, or it could mean working 2 days a week and having the rest of the week off.

It’s different to every guy, but the important part to him is that he feels like he’s winning by achieving what he wants in his life.  With a conscious man, he needs to know how the woman he’s choosing is going to improve the odds of him ‘winning’ when it comes to fulfilling his purpose.


  • How we move through daily life in a way that generates the kind of energy attractive to high value men
  • How to interpret the messages men are giving off or sending directly to know what their intentions are so we can respond to the ones aligned with our own relationship choices.
  • How we show up in the first message exchanges in a way that reinforces the sense that we’re high value and worth finding out more about
  • Ways to respond to a man who is connecting with an energy or intention that doesn’t match what we’re looking for that safe, powerful and possibly even transformational
  • The energy we center ourselves in before the first date in order to hold a presence that he finds intriguing and wants to experience again.
  • Questions to ask as we get to know a man that are powerful enough to show us what we need to know before we open up, but vulnerable enough that he doesn’t feel we’re pushing.
  • How we interact and respond through the first 30 days to stand out from anyone else he’s known or meets and get him thinking that we’re worth putting all other opportunities on hold for.
  • How to manage the energy around attraction and intimacy early on so our heart and desire doesn’t get ahead of where he’s offered the kind of commitments we need to feel safe and wise in our choices.
  • How to deal with our own moments of wanting to reach out, check in, check up on or find out what he’s doing or thinking early in the relationship before he’s let us clearly know we’re a definite priority.
  • Ways to text, flirt, be available and give a man attention that add to his sense that we’re high value without over giving and pushing him away.
  • What to talk about, what to ask and what to wait for in the first 90 days in order to create a space that a man is drawn to see a relationship that’s worth exclusivity.
  • Understanding how it’s going to feel being connected to a man with a big sense of purpose so we don’t feel like we’re forgotten or taken for granted when he’s genuinely busy with critical priorities that come ahead of romance.


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