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100+ additional videos from our Private Mentorship Library

Relationship Recovery - How To Get Over Past Relationships, Even From Narcissists

Healers Empaths & Overgivers - Ending The Need To Be Perfect To Feel Loved

Feminine Vulnerability - The Building Blocks Of Every Conscious Relationship

SelfLove Soulmate - Becoming A Woman Confident In Who She Is FIRST

Healing Masculine Wounding - Eliminating Triggers That Blow Up Relationships

Healing Feminine Wounding 6 Month Course - Eliminating Trauma From Our Mothers Pain Projected Onto Us

Online Dating For Remarkable Women - How To Be A 1% Woman Online And Call In A Once In A Lifetime Relationship

Understanding Men 1.0 - Understand Men Better Than They Understand Themselves

Understanding Men 2.0 - A Deep Dive Right Into What's Going On In The Hearts of Men

How To Talk To Men - The Secrets To Getting The Most Masculine Man Engaged In The Relationship

Leaning Back 6 Month Online Course - Creating a Space No Man Can Resist

The First 90 Days - How to be like no woman he's ever met

Open His Heart - The Way Men Respond To Feminine Energy And Choose To Commit

Soul Seduction - The Final Step To Creating A Relationship Where He Sees You As His One And Only

Soul Sex Mastery - Vulnerability In The Most Intimate Setting

5 Day Live Activating Your Queen - The Energy That Stops Men In Their Tracks

5 Day Live The First 90 Days - Learn What You Need To Know and Don't Blow Up The Space

5 Day Live Leaning Back - What Makes Him Say, "You're Like No Woman I've Ever Met!"

5 Day Live Open His Heart - Make It Impossible For Him Not To Choose You

5 Day Live Relationship Ready Man - It's Not At All What You Think

5 Day Live Divine Masculine - Calling In A Man Worthy Of Forever

5 Day Live How To Talk To Men - Switch On His Desire To Connect And Listen


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