Relationship Bundle 3 Monthly Payments

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The First 90 Days ($577):

  1. Dating rules in the first 90 days
  2. Expectations in the first 90 days
  3. How to know if he's relationship ready
  4. How High Value Men approach dating
  5. Questions to ask and avoid
  6. How to avoid getting taken advantage of
  7. What To Do When He Takes Space
  8. Sharing Feelings Without Scaring Him Off
  9. Addressing Triggers without blowing things up
  10. Avoiding early attachment
  11. What Inspires Men To Lean in?
  12. What It Is That Triggers Men to Commit

Open His Heart ($377):

  1. Men and women Do want the same thing, but describe it differently
  2. Deserving vs Desiring
  3. How To Avoid Codependency
  4. How To Ask Him The BIG Questions
  5. How Men Want To Be Loved and Spoken To
  6. High Standards vs Entitlement
  7. Q & A
  8. Graham & Jenn demonstrate frustration resolution

Soul Seduction ($577):

  1. How High To Set Your Standards
  2. What High Value Men Look For In Love
  3. What Blocks Our Heart
  4. Using The Power Of Feminine Energy
  5. Creating A Safe Space For Love
  6. Definition Of A Conscious Relationship
  7. Managing Big Energy When It Comes Up
  8. What Kind Of Love Men Need

Soul Sex Mastery ($577):

  1. Combining Confidence with Vulnerability
  2. Conscious vs Unconscious Sexual Energy
  3. The Evolution of Connection
  4. What's your language like when it comes to sex?
  5. Trust At Every Level
  6. Body Image
  7. What's REALLY Sexy!
  8. The Multi Orgasmic Woman

How To Talk To Men Full 10 Week Series ($377):

  1. Do you get anxious and reach out when he doesn't text back?
  2. Do you try to keep it together only to find things get out of hand when you can't hold it in any longer?
  3. The exact language to use with men to keep them from shutting down.
  4. The 8 words you can teach a man that will prevent you from ever having to fight.
  5. The special touch to use on a man that makes him want to open his heart.
  6. How to tell him the things that are upsetting or annoying without him taking it personally.
  7. What to say to make a man want to invest more in a relationship.
  8. Talking about sex in a way that makes him desire and respect you more
  9. The right way to bring up what he's thinking about where the relationship is heading
  10. How to communicate when he needs space and you need connection

Leaning Back ($977):

  1. When To Lean Back
  2. Calming The Overthinking
  3. Soul Workouts
  4. Vulnerability
  5. Levelling Up
  6. What To Do When He Frustrates You
  7. What Are Your Standards?
  8. Settling vs Compromising
  9. Victim Or Grieving?
  10. Expectations vs Standards
  11. Floaters vs Fillers
  12. Boundaries & Jealousy

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3 monthly payments

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