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  • It's Not Your Fault You're Not Driven By Money
  • Where To Begin If You're Buried With Debt
  • How To Get The Most Help In The Shortest Time
  • Step 1 To Getting Out Of Debt
  • How To Stop Dreading Bills And Start Finding Money
  • Best Resources To Build Places To Find Money Outside Of Work
  • The Way To Make Budgeting Enjoyable For A Creative Brain
  • Money Management For Artists and Healers
  • Making Money Work For You
  • PLUS Why people with money will want to invest in YOU!

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Organization For Empaths, Artists and Healers

Downloadable series to support creative type personalities succeed in organization.

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The Videos:

  • Why Creatives Struggle With Organization
  • Managing Our Energy
  • Making Procrastination Work FOR You
  • Clothing & Closets
  • Weekly Organizing Strategies
  • Habit Of Being On Time
  • How To Follow Through on Intentions and To Do Lists
  • PLUS More Videos Added Monthly!

Each video is designed to support the way a creative brain succeeds at this process. All videos are available through the app you will receive a link to add to your phone as well as on your personal computer.