Healing Bundle 3 Monthly Payments

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Get Him Out Of Your Head ($277):

  1. How to stop him coming up in your thoughts
  2. Preparing to let go
  3. End the pattern of cyber stalking
  4. Keeping him out of your thoughts when you're lonely
  5. Nighttime habits for peaceful thoughts
  6. Becoming the one HE can't get out of his head

Self Love Soulmate ($577):

  1. Reset Your Emotional Thermostat
  2. Reconnecting To Your Inner Child
  3. Removing Limiting Beliefs
  4. Recognizing Old Wounds
  5. Stopping The Pattern Of Triggers
  6. Creating A Foundation of Self Trust

Relationship Recovery ($277):

  1. Understanding How You Fell For The Wrong One
  2. Breaking The Energetic Bonds
  3. Safe, Strong & Permanent Boundaries
  4. Reclaiming Your Identity
  5. Cutting The Cord For Good
  6. Learning To Be Safe & Finding Freedom

Healers, Empaths & Overgivers ($577):

  1. Why it's harder for empaths to set boundaries
  2. Creating connections that work for both parties
  3. Stop attracting people who turn out to be emotional children
  4. How to live with an open heart and not get hurt
  5. Setting boundaries with those we're closest to
  6. Healthy places to make deep connections
  7. Firming up your boundaries
  8. How to know if it's actually YOU they want
  9. Breaking toxic connections
  10. Replacing the thing that drives us to overgive
  11. Knowing who they really are before you start to share
  12. Boundaries when we can't let them out of our life

Masculine Wounding ($577):

  1. Preparing Mind, Body and Soul to Release Trauma 
  2. Understanding the Father Wounding
  3. Healing the Father Wound
  4. Identifying Old Masculine Trauma
  5. Identifying Limiting Beliefs and Energetic Blocks About Men
  6. Trauma Release
  7. Repairing The Nervous System
  8. Opening Up Your Feminine Soul To Connect To Your Highest Self

6 Month Healing Feminine Wounding ($977):

  1. No more "Too Much"
  2. The emotional age of your pain
  3. Anxious Attachment
  4. Strong...until you meet a man you really like
  5. Sexual power & feminine energy
  6. Safety response vs vulnerability

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3 monthly payments

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The Meditations:

  • Self-Forgiveness
  • Breathing (Anxiety)
  • Letting Go Of Fear
  • Forgiveness
  • Connecting to Your Inner Child
  • Creating Your Safe Space
  • Releasing Guilt
  • Self Love
  • Wombspace
  • Processing Big Emotions
  • Feminine Intuition
  • Cord Cutting
  • Removing Foreign Energy