A Course For Men

A straightforward guide on how to lean into a life of purpose, power and passion.

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  • When You Need To Tell Her "No"
  • Getting Space When You Need A Break
  • What You Feel Is Valid
  • Explaining Your Side So She Understands
  • Where We Find Purpose And How To Create It
  • Becoming A High Value / High Attraction Man

$297.00 USD

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  • Eight Words That Will Instantly Make Her Feel Safe
  • How To End To Arguments Forever


  • Navigating Early Days
  • What To Share And What To Hold Back
  • Relationship expectations early goings
  • Men And Women Experience Things Differently
  • We have different levels of need for connection
  • Opening Up With Each Other About Sex


  • Appropriate Ways To Ask About His Relationship Goals
  • How To Be Fully Sexual And Still Be Respected
  • What Makes A Man Emotionally Invested In A Relationship
  • What It Really Means If He Doesn't Call or Text Right Back
  • Leaning Back Instead Of Escalating When You're Anxious
  • The Type Of Touch That Will Open His Heart
  • What To Say So He Doesn't Need To 'Fix' Anything
  • Sharing Your Feelings Without Starting A Fight
  • How To Share Big Emotions In A Way He Can Understand
  • What To Do When You're Frustrated Without Pushing Him Away
  • When You Want More Connection And He Needs More Space

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