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The Meditations:

  • Self-Forgiveness
  • Breathing (Anxiety)
  • Letting Go Of Fear
  • Forgiveness
  • Connecting to Your Inner Child
  • Creating Your Safe Space
  • Releasing Guilt
  • Self Love
  • Wombspace
  • Processing Big Emotions
  • Feminine Intuition
  • Cord Cutting
  • Removing Foreign Energy

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When I joined the group I had basically not had any close women friends for over 5 years. I had women in my circle, but we weren't energetically aligned. That's fine for shopping or going out for drinks, but not when you want to have a deep discussion about something.

Now I'm connected with women in Australia, Great Britain, Europe, Canada, USA, as well as closer to my home and I LOVE that we all speak the same conscious language!

The women in this group are amazing women, at all points on our journeys. We support each other, celebrate each other, offer advice (when appropriate). Whatever one woman might be going through, there is always at least one (usually more) who has been through something similar, so not only do we benefit from the mentorship of Graham & Jenn, we mentor each other as well.

It's a safe space for connecting with other conscious women and practicing conscious interaction (asking for what you need vs. just coming into the space to vent or dump). 

Because it's a private group, no one except the members can see what you write, so it's part diary, part tribe and all that's inside is love, acceptance, understanding and support. 



I've been working on self development for the past 20 years, going to therapy, counselling, doing body awareness work, taken university courses in psychology, even devoted my career to it.

But I felt something was missing. I could never make that last piece of the puzzle fall into place.

And what I've come to realize is that I needed to be seen. I needed that loving nonjudgmental mirror before I could start to truly trust myself.

And at the same time I was totally freaking scared to be seen!

I so needed actual feedback rather than the usual, "So what do you think/feel about that?" that you get in therapy. I've been looking into my own thoughts and feelings for years. I needed the mirror, not more thinking on my part.

Thank you Jennifer & Graham for showing up and letting yourselves be seen. Thank you Jenn for being the loving mirror that I so needed, and need❤



Ladies - wow! I can't even tell you how perfectly timed this group has already been in my life! Thank you all for taking the time to respond to me. I feel completely empowered and at peace.

Thank you for being a bright light for me.