Divine Masculine 6 Course Bundle

90 Lessons - Equivalent to $22,500 in coaching calls!

Understanding Men 1.0 ($577):

  1. The difference between how unconscious and unconscious men view sex
  2. Why "Leaning Back" is irresistible to High Value Men
  3. What are men looking for?  What do they crave that only a woman has?
  4. What does it mean when he says...
  5. What makes a man fall for a woman still working on herself.
  6. What makes a man open up
  7. Qualities that a High Value Man sees that makes him believe a woman is High Value
  8. How men feel and describe an evolving relationship.  (His terms are different than yours for the same feelings).
  9. What to expect in the first 90 days with a High Value man
  10. When will he be ready to commit?
  11. Men relate to the connection of sex differently
  12. What kinds of standards and expectations a High Value man has
  13. Masculine and feminine can feel at odds with each other until you understand this

Understanding Men 2.0 ($577):

  1. Understanding the hearts of men
  2. The difference between intense masculine energy and toxic energy or a narcissist
  3. How to remain safe when triggered by masculine energy
  4. Speaking to men in ways they can hear and embrace
  5. How to talk a man who's on the edge
  6. Why men get uncomfortable around women's big emotions
  7. What to do to get him to open up when he shuts down
  8. Distinguishing between magic he's born with and actual work he's done to know if he's conscious or just "sparkles"
  9. What sets off toxic masculine energy and what to do when it appears
  10. What "Romance" means to masculine men
  11. How men are put together emotionally
  12. How a highly sensitive woman can be high value and still be all of herself
  13. The four reasons a high value man will pass on a woman

Dating For High Value Women ($577):

  1. What High Value men notice
  2. How to know if he could be the one
  3. Questions you must ask on the first 3 dates
  4. The right time for the first time
  5. Places to Meet High Value Men
  6. Is he Relationship Ready?
  7. Should you be dating or waiting?
  8. Healing Relationships
  9. How Do Men Fall In Love?
  10. Go from "Dating" to "Committed"

BONUS - 10 Lessons To Make Online Dating Enjoyable

High Standards & Firm Boundaries Men Respect ($577):

  1. Healers are born with a unique gift that requires a much more evolved process for creating healthy relationships
  2. The gift of the healer is constantly looking to connect to a need. How to make sure that connection is healthy for both.
  3. How to protect yourself from attracting emotional children, bottomless pits and narcissists
  4. The processes for healers necessary to be able to live without shutting down their heart
  5. Setting boundaries with those we're close to so we form healthy relationships and don't become their healer
  6. Healthy places to find opportunities where our gifts are welcomed, acknowledged, appreciated and acted on
  7. How To Set Boundaries That Can't Be Crossed.
  8. Are they connected to you for you, or what they think they can get out of you?
  9. Ending Toxic Connections
  10. Taking responsibility for our habit of over giving
  11. Knowing who to give your energy to
  12. How to set boundaries with the people we love the most

How To Talk To Men Full 10 Week Series ($377):

  1. Do you get anxious and reach out when he doesn't text back?
  2. Do you try to keep it together only to find things get out of hand when you can't hold it in any longer?
  3. The exact language to use with men to keep them from shutting down.
  4. The 8 words you can teach a man that will prevent you from ever having to fight.
  5. The special touch to use on a man that makes him want to open his heart.
  6. How to tell him the things that are upsetting or annoying without him taking it personally.
  7. What to say to make a man want to invest more in a relationship.
  8. Talking about sex in a way that makes him desire and respect you more
  9. The right way to bring up what he's thinking about where the relationship is heading
  10. How to communicate when he needs space and you need connection

Vulnerability - The Key To Attracting High Value Men ($577):

  1. Defining Vulnerability
  2. The Support of Loving Mirrors
  3. How To Begin The Practice of Vulnerability
  4. Perfectionism as a mask
  5. Safe Practices to Stop Hiding Flaws
  6. What Men See In A Vulnerable Woman
  7. Overcoming the Fear Of Not Being Chosen
  8. Allowing A Man To See The Real You
  9. How To Respond When A Man is Vulnerable
  10. Moving Past "Too Much" & "Not Enough"
  11. Live Process Example of Being Vulnerable With A Man
  12. Live Process Example Of Getting Back To Center After Vulnerability

BONUS 3 Months In Our Mentoring Group ($200):

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