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Leaning Back Online Course

The mentoring course for women who want to reveal the feminine essence they possess that is irresistible to conscious masculine energy.

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In this course:

  • 24 Weekly Videos
  • Updates when we post articles on the topic
  • Jenn's book: "How To Be Like No Woman He's Ever Met"


What People Are Saying:

“I'm finally understanding what it feels like to love myself. I'm comfortable working on the things I can change, but also being TOTALLY ok with being me in the meantime. I'm feeling different, dressing different and thinking up lots of other fun ways I can uplevel and expand who I'm choosing to be in the weeks and months ahead...this is SO exciting! (ps. Since I posted this I've gotten engaged to the most remarkable man.)”

Julia S.

“I'm so saturated with what I've learned that it's seeping into me at a bone deep level. My interactions with men are very VERY different already! I'm doing things differently without even having to think about it. So much is different in just these first few months and I can't wait to see how much more has changed at the end of the six months!”

Karen C.

“I KNEW it was the right decision to take this course! For the first time in my life I can scroll through Facebook and not feel overwhelmed with emotion when seeing a post from an ex. I honestly believe that every woman needs to be learning this - in a few short months my thinking, breathing, processing and reactions have completely changed.”

Eireann H.