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There is nothing more intoxicating to a Relationship Ready Man than a woman who is able to be uniquely vulnerable with him.

Nothing makes it more difficult for a man to recognize "her" in the crowd than a heart that is shut down or hidden behind walls.

Vulnerability truly is the key to a soulmate experience without end! 

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Unlocking Vulnerability

Principles of Vulnerability & Irresistible Attraction:

Letting Down Our Walls

Walls and armor are a result of high sensitivity and painful personal experiences.  The walls that keep us safe are the same ones that keep us single because our vulnerable heart signals can't get out.  Most people get stuck in the belief that either they'll just never be what someone is looking for or that what they're looking for doesn't exist for them.



Opening Our Heart Again

Over and over I have witnessed the most remarkable phenomenon: a woman who learns the process of living with an open heart embraces her worth and literally withing weeks of the shift messages to say:  "You won't believe the man I just met!   He's everything I was looking for, plus MORE!"


There's A Match For You!

From women who wanted kids to ones with six children from four previous partners.  Women with highly unique lifestyles, super quirky personalities, demanding schedules and traumatic backgrounds - we've seen all these women call in their man!

Discover Who You Can Trust

Trust can't begin until you learn to tell the difference between conscious and unconscious masculine energy.  The last thing you need is to get burned by a "woke player" who knows the right language to get a woman to let down her guard.  


There Are Men Ready For Love

Once we attract magnificent love, we must be able to accept that we deserve it.  If we’ve never been loved so completely and so deeply, it’s easy for feelings of unworthiness to creep in.  Preparing for a magnificent love is an important part of making sure that love lasts.


Join Us For Our 12 Week Course
On The Secrets To Vulnerability

  • 1. Defining Vulnerability - We were born with a pure and trusting heart, but trauma takes that from us.  Vulnerability is not allowing anyone to take advantage, nor is it sharing every thought and feeling we have.  This week we will focus on exactly what to do to begin the practice of vulnerability in relationships.
  • 2. The Practice Of Vulnerability With Self - Our own vulnerability begins with the ability to look at and own the parts of us that have created insecurity.  Once we can own our truth without deflecting what is uncomfortable there is no one who can hurt us with it.
  • 3. Finding Our Loving Mirrors - There are parts in all of us that we can't see, parts of us that are the most magnificent that are so fundamental to who we are we can't recognize our own gifts.  Loving mirrors are people we respect who reflect the beauty and magic in us.
  • 4. Using The Power Of Loving Mirrors - The safest way to begin our personal process of vulnerability is to begin with people inside a tribe we can trust.  Knowing that we're in a judgement free space allows us to crack open the parts of our heart that have been sealed up for years, often decades.
  • 5. Letting Go Of Self Judgement - Nobody judges us harder than we judge ourselves.  Working out how to embrace our truth without holding onto the fear of being judged for who we are.  Vulnerability is not blind belief, but waiting to be hurt or rejected keeps us from the love we deserve.
  • 6. Claiming Our Worth - This can't be accomplished by simply making affirmations, claiming our worth requires the courage to stand in front of a discerning audience we know won't give us empty platitudes.  Even making that bold statement to this group requires a special kind of courage.
  • 7. Letting Go Of The 10% - We all have 10% of our natural characteristics that nobody, not even our parents or our partner are excited about.  We're probably not thrilled about them either, but getting stuck on them prevents us celebrating the irresistible 90%.
  • 8. Celebrating The 90% - This is what makes vulnerability irresistible!  No one can resist the individuals who graciously accepts the 10% and moves through life with an energy of joy and freedom celebrating who they and others are.  Vulnerability frees us to see not only the beauty in us, but in everyone - and THAT is what's irresistible!!!
  • Remaining Weeks: The Habit Of Vulnerability - Vulnerability requires time to become a permanent part of our personality.  We will be spending these four weeks mastering the practice of moving through life with both strangers and those we know remaining centered in the truth and comfort of our worth. 

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Jennifer & Graham have created a practice of profound vulnerability in their "no compromise" relationship that has resulted in a connection that becomes more intimate by the day.

Three months before they met, each made a commitment to fully embrace who they were and not to settle for anything less than a partner who completely checked all the boxes. 

They are the only couple in the relationship space who live the truth of every facet of their relationship candidly and can earnestly say, "If two people as unique and intense as us can create synergy between the masculine and feminine, it's possible for ANYONE!"


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