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Healing Feminine Wounding Webinar


24 Lessons, Guided Meditations & Assignments

  • 01 Ending The Belief of "Too Much" "Not Enough" 
    • What Type Are You?  "Too Much" "Not Enough" or Both?
    • Identifying the actual Feminine Wound
    • Did trauma cause you to become The Victim, The Over-Giver or The Badass Bitch?
    • Determining your GENUINE feminine essence
  • 02 "What's My Emotional Age?"
    • Where Our Emotional Age Shows Up
    • How Did It Get Stuck?
    • Why Empaths and Highly Sensitive Women are more likely to get stuck
    • How emotional age affects Conscious Relationships
  • 03 Anxious Attachment - This Is Real For Virtually All Sensitive Women
    • Why we feel the need to test a man's love
    • Why the fear of abandonment never leaves
    • Why we think his uncomfortable moods reflect his feelings about us (they don't)
    • Letting go of the idea that his desire for us is about something unique we can soothe
  • 04 "I'm A Strong Woman...Until There's a Man I Actually Desire"
    • Why that strength leaves us right when we need it most
    • The kind of strength that is permanent and that men actually crave in a woman
    • Reprogramming our nervous system with feminine power vs masculine defense
    • How we can be safe without living in armor
  • 05 Sexual Power & Feminine Energy
    • What's your sexual type persona? "Little Girl" "Seductress" or "Sensual Sage"?
    • How to end the distrust of men
    • Letting go of the habit of using sex as power
    • How to embrace our full expression of sexual desire
  • 06 Safety Response vs Vulnerability
    • Over-thinking vs. living effortlessly in the moment
    • Over-reacting vs. Gracious Communication
    • Over-Needing a man to prove his love vs. embodiment of self-worth
    • Over-Expecting vs. Understanding how the masculine is designed to love
  • BONUS 1 Repairing The Nervous System
  • BONUS 2 Opening Up Your Feminine Soul To Connect To Your Highest Self

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