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All of the information on this site is based on the very real relationship of Graham R White and Jenn Funk in addition to the results of the relationships of the clients we mentor.

Our relationship is the result of two parents combining seven children who are committed to doing everything possible to set them up with the skills and tools they need to succeed. Because our children have such specific needs, we didn't have room to compromise when it came to a romantic relationship. Instead, we had to figure out ways to communicate in ways that expressed our needs without upsetting each other in the process.

It's that unique situation that caused us to go deeper and understand the differences between the way men and women see the same things. Most often we essentially want the same things, but the way we see and express that is what creates the most misunderstanding. What we share is a way of doing relationships that creates growing respect, admiration and attraction to our partner, rather than a buildup of frustration over the years that most experience.

About Graham White


My personal journey could fill a book, but what I share is the result of profound shifts and changes that have occurred in my own life, many of them catalyzed by exceptional women.

As the former Head Coach of the world’s largest personal development coaching program I've had the opportunity to discover what creates actual change in peoples lives.

You may have arrived here because of my articles or quotes about conscious relationships. What I write is based on actual life lived with a real woman, multiple kids, trips to school, extra curricular activities and supporting the communities I'm connected to locally.

Myself, my partner Jenn and six of our seven children are blessed and challenged in living with the way ADHD impacts our lives. Some of our children are extra-sensitive empaths, some are highly gifted, and most of us manage some degree of anxiety because of those sensitivities.

I share this to let you know that everything we share is based on what works inside of a family, a life and a relationship that is close to as complicated and challenging as most anyone would face. We've found that if it actually works in our lives, it's something that is going to work for nearly anyone else with the challenges they face in life.

As I was working through my counselling degree in my 20's I worked as a Business Consultant. When I turned 30 I opened a business of my own. That decision would leave me $100,000 in debt with a new baby daughter and the need to reassess life and my barometer for success. I decided to focus on counselling couples, but found that the tools traditionally used in relationship counselling made little difference.

The next 2 years found me seeking out mentors among men who not only had succeeded financially, but as husbands, fathers, and leaders in their community. The common themes I discovered would eventually become the coaching program I created and see 20,000 members supported by 150 coaches in the time I ran it.

Two years after starting the coaching program I began work as a consultant again, this time to speakers, authors, coaches and business trainers. Personally, professionally, and financially I felt on track in every area of life except my marriage. 10 years and 10 counselors later, it was apparent that staying together out of a sense of obligation was not creating a positive environment for our children.

At the same time, the 2008 recession occurred and our real estate portfolio would begin to freefall, causing me to quit my business in an attempt to save what we could.

I found myself starting life again with no money, no business, and no idea what to do next. I began looking for answers and a relationship that would last the distance. In 2010 I was on a paragliding trip when an unexpected gust blew me into the side of a mountain, leaving me clinging to life with a broken back wondering if I’d live or ever walk again. The hours I spent unable to move and in excruciating agony led me to consider once again, what the priorities in life really are.

During the recovery process I made a strong connection to a remarkable woman that opened my eyes to what is possible in a conscious relationship, but her high standards proved to be years ahead of where I was at with my life and that relationship ended. This was the catalyst leading me to set the intention to take all the steps necessary to fully live my purpose and let go of every explanation and excuse about why I wasn’t where I wanted to be. 3 years later, after I’d made the decision to quit dating to focus on my work and my children before unexpectedly meeting Jenn, the woman who would become both my life and writing partner.

I am in the process of co-authoring a number of books with teachers, parenting experts as well as completing three of my own books on relationships, parenting and principles of raising consciousness. I continue to work professionally supporting leaders and visionaries in turning their transformational gifts into six and seven figure training businesses as well as supporting a community of conscious women and mentoring men looking to take on life with magnificent conviction. is my business site.


About Jenn Funk


Jennifer is a highly intuitive empath whose gift to feel into people’s energy allows her to sense the world around her on an energetic level. Not understanding this when she was younger, she felt like she was too much – too much energy, too much spirit and too much emotion.

After her marriage ended she made the decision to partner only if she found someone who embraced her completely for who she was and the the special qualities she had to offer. Jennifer spent four years as a full-time single working mother looking after her children and working with her mentors to ensure she would not settle for “Mr. Goodenough,” but wait for the man who would embrace everything about who she is.

Jennifer had an intuitive sense she was ready to find love again and and met her life partner within 2 days. By doing the work, preparing her heart, setting her standards and knowing her worth she attracted all that she was looking for and more.

Jennifer uses her unique gifts in support of highly sensitive and empathic women to embrace the beauty of who they were born to be and claim high standards for themselves and their relationships.

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