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"My interactions with men have completely transformed! Something huge has shifted in me where I don't feel scared anymore. I am actually tearing up as I write this because I'm finally feeling love for men, and it is the most beautiful and freeing feeling ever. I don't feel like I'm not safe or that I have to hide. I don't feel like I have to cover up or can't make eye contact. I am finally learning to embrace my feminine beauty inside and out and it is attracting the most beautiful men."

Sara C
Community Member

"Your courage astounds me Jennifer! It's as though you're pulling your words from the center of an untouched place in my soul. All because this level of heart healing is so fucking scary to confront. YOU did it - and you're sharing it with us?! I can not begin to express how very much I appreciate you. You are freeing so many women like me from feeling "crazy" "unworthy" "fucked up" "out of control" ...basically that is IS ok to feel broken. We are coming together in a new place that we CAN get through. Thank you! <3 "

Melodee U.
Course Participant

"WOW! What a difference this has made about the type of man I've manifested into my life! Previously I attracted men who were need, had emotional issues, wouldn't take risks to grow, felt combative at times and were judgmental. A new man has come into my life and WHEW does it feel different! I really worked on the self-love piece of me so I can simply enjoy his company and love getting to know him and his heart . Both of us feel free of attachments . He's happy to spend time with me and totally comfortable when we aren't together or when I have other needs and I feel the same way. "

Michelle A.
Group Member

"Because of this group, I now have a real tribe - deeply connected soul sisters all around the globe. I have met so many amazing, beautiful, incredible conscious women here and met many now in person (and for that I feel doubly blessed). Graham and Jenn, your mentorship and guidance, strength and love, have guided me to the work of truly loving every part of me in a way I never could have conceived of when I joined the group a year ago. "

Jenn D.
Group Member

"My ex decided to try to come back for a reunion tour. I heard the same excuses I've heard a thousand times and always gave him the benefit of the doubt. The last time we said goodbye I was heartbroken, convinced I wouldn't be able to find anyone. Not today. I won't shed another tear - I have seen how you don't show up. You don't get another chance. Today I take all that love and energy that I was pouring into him and I'm pouring it into me. Without all of you I wouldn't have been able to see how far I've come and how much more I deserve. "

Melissa F.
Group Member

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