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"Jenn is a totally conscious bad-ass who makes it safe to feel the entire spectrum of feelings. Her ability to intuitively sense when something big is coming up is uncanny. Without a doubt her highest value is her commitment to holding a completely non-judgmental safe space to feel and express the most deep-seated fears and emotions into."

Anna M
Mentoring Client

"I haven’t felt this happy in so long - I already feel like a huge weight has been lifted from both my mind and body. So happy to have given myself “permission” to work with you. I know you are the special person who will be able to help me deal with this horrible, heavy weight I have been lugging around, for what feels like my whole life."

Mentoring Client

"When I met Jenn I was struggling with the decision to leave my marriage. I knew that somewhere along the way I’d lost myself and the dream I had for what I wanted from a partner, but I’d become so buried under the feelings of the relationship I didn’t know who I was or what I truly deserved. With Jenn’s support I became the woman I was meant to be, attracted an AMAZING partner, and I’m truly living my life now - not just surviving it. I applaud anyone who has the courage to work with Jenn to claim what they deserve."

Mentoring Client

"After my divorce, I sank so deep into my career and masculine energy that I almost forgot what it means to be a woman. Last week you lifted up the veil I had put over my eyes and said, “Go deeper, to who you really are.” I noticed myself moving slower, from my hips, listening to different music, putting lotions on my body, doing yoga and taking myself on a date… and actually enjoying my own company! This is the first time in my life that I realize something that was inside me all along can feel this good, and I plan to reclaim the magic of my feminine energy completely. "

Leslie A
Mentoring Client

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"Something about Graham sees you in a way that is both pure and powerful. For the first time in my life I knew that I deserved to put myself ahead of what my parents, partner or society thought of me and consider what I truly wanted for *me*. My self-worth stopped being a measure of my success of the man I was with and life just became a question of what *I* wanted for myself. I’ve found peace, I’ve found purpose, I’ve found a woman that deserves to be loved."

Mentoring Client

"Working with Graham has broken open the protective layer I had created to keep my heart safe. I have been attracting in special men and shifted how people flow into my business practice in a way that feels effortless now. I attended so many weddings without a ‘Plus 1,’ but now I’m attracting the kind of energy, love, attention and affection that my soul was craving."

Mentoring Client

"I'm in an industry surrounded by other men who measure your worth based on the size of the accounts you manage and how many women you’ve scored. The truth is, there is no dollar figure or number of sexual conquests that can fill a hole in your soul. Working with Graham I finally have a purpose beyond my next million. I see how the pieces fit together for me as a father, a partner, a leader and a businessman. It’s like I’m seeing 360 and breathing without the weight I was carrying for so long. Today I’m living fully alive."

Mentoring Client

"The time I spent mentoring with Graham has had the most impact on my being of anything in my life. He challenged me to step up and be a man in every aspect of life and inspired me by seeing greatness in me before I realized it in myself. The work I did with him allowed me to finally address and get honest about something that has always been a weakness and embarrassment… Financial responsibility. I was also trapped in an addiction that I did not realize – alcohol. I am sober 17 months and as I am working thru cleaning up my past and rebuilding who I really am I am discovering my true purpose in life. I am convinced deep within me and in my innermost masculinity that I need to do this."

Mentoring Client

"It’s rare to find someone to talk through your life challenges with where you don’t have to keep it all together. I pride myself on what I’ve created in business, but my priority is my family and relationship with my partner. Not only is Graham able to create a space to work through any issues that come up with any of the kids, but knowing his partner can provide honest feminine perspective to my partner means I’m not doing this alone. My business has grown at the same time as I have been able to create a deeper, closer and more personal dynamic in my relationship."

Mentoring Client

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