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HOW TO TALK TO MEN is an 10-module video course that will teach you how to successfully navigate through 90% of your relationship with men.

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Men want to make you happy, they just don't know what you need.

In this course, we teach you how to communicate your needs in a way that men can actually hear

So many times we blow up the relationship space, and we have no idea how or why. We were just sharing our feelings, and the man on the other side wasn't able hold space. But why?

It could be that the way you approach conversations with men is blowing things up or pushing them away.


  • Do you get anxious and reach out when he doesn't text back?

  • Do you try to keep it together only to find things get out of hand when you can't hold it in any longer?

  • Do you struggle to tell men what you need in a way they can hear you, and then actually give you what you asked for?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, we'd love to support you to heal and move through what's blocking you from manifesting and creating the relationship of your dreams. 


When you know how to talk to men,
you can create a relationship that is...

"No Compromise"

Find solutions where both of you get your needs met -- no compromise needed.

Deeply Connected

Once a man feels seen and understood on this level, no other woman can compare.

Fully Vulnerable

Communicating with feminine softness is what makes him feel safe to open up and be vulnerable.

Having trouble getting your needs met in relationship? 

If you know how to talk to men, even the most masculine man will give you everything you want. The problem is, you need to shift how you're communicating with men so they can actually hear you. 


What Clients Are Saying:

The Relationship Secrets You'll Learn In This Course:

-- How to bridge the communication gap between men and women

-- The exact language to use with men to keep them from shutting down.

-- The 8 words you can teach a man that will prevent you from ever having to fight.

-- The special touch to use on a man that makes him want to open his heart.

-- How to tell him the things that are upsetting or annoying without him taking it personally.

-- What to say to make a man want to invest more in a relationship.

These are the precise things a sensitive woman MUST do in order to
guarantee a smooth connection
with a masculine man!



What is your inability to effectively communicate with men costing you?

How to Talk to Men Online Course

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  • 10 Video Modules

  • BONUS VIDEO: Asking Him About His Relationship Goals 

  • BONUS VIDEO: Secrets of a Man Whisperer



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200 additional videos from our Private Mentorship Library


13 Healing Meditations

15 Dating & Sex Meditations


  • Organization for Empaths, Artists & Healers

  • Finances for Empaths, Artists & Healers

  • Relationship Recovery - How To Get Over Past Relationships, Even From Narcissists

  • Healers Empaths & Overgivers - Ending The Need To Be Perfect To Feel Loved

  • Feminine Vulnerability - The Building Blocks Of Every Conscious Relationship

  • SelfLove Soulmate - Becoming A Woman Confident In Who She Is FIRST

  • Healing Masculine Wounding - Eliminating Triggers That Blow Up Relationships

  • Healing Feminine Wounding 6 Month Course - Eliminating Trauma From Our Mothers Pain Projected Onto Us

  • Online Dating For Remarkable Women - How To Be A 1% Woman Online And Call In A Once In A Lifetime Relationship

  • Understanding Men 1.0 - Understand Men Better Than They Understand Themselves

  • Understanding Men 2.0 - A Deep Dive Right Into What's Going On In The Hearts of Men

  • How To Talk To Men - The Secrets To Getting The Most Masculine Man Engaged In The Relationship

  • Leaning Back 6 Month Online Course - Creating a Space No Man Can Resist

  • The First 90 Days - How to be like no woman he's ever met

  • Open His Heart - The Way Men Respond To Feminine Energy And Choose To Commit

  • Soul Seduction - The Final Step To Creating A Relationship Where He Sees You As His One And Only

  • Soul Sex Mastery - Vulnerability In The Most Intimate Setting

***Note, certain courses are delivered on a weekly basis.  You will have access to a new video for each course every week for those courses. 


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Connect with him on a deeper level than you ever thought possible... 

Once you understand men, you can honor them in a whole new way. You’re no longer waiting for them to hurt you, instead you're able to see and feel their beautiful hearts.

The thing is, it's up to you to set the space for emotional safety in the relationship. You just need to know how.