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The secret to getting a man to connect and commit is to know how to make him feel comfortable in the first 90 days so that he gets to know you well enough to want to go deeper and get to know the rest.

My man went from telling me he was too busy, had too much going on and didn’t have space for a relationship to asking me to move in with him 90 days later. I’ve been sharing how I made this happen with my private clients for the past 5 years, and now I want to share it with you!

This program is based on the thousands of conversations I have had with women who have put emphasis on the wrong things, paid too little attention to the most important things and not had a strategy for what to do when their feelings get ahead of where the relationship is actually at.

This will be the first time I reveal how to show up in those first 90 days in a way that is irresistible to a High Value man and will also cause the ones who aren't relationship ready to self-select out.

This program provides a simple step by step process from the first date, to the first 'time', to the topic of exclusivity and most importantly what you MUST know before your heart commits.

So many women think there’s a shortage of High Value available men out there. Not true. Once you understand this process the men that used to be invisible begin appearing everywhere you go. I’ve seen it over and over with the women I work with.









What's Irresistible To A High Value Man?

High Value men aren't in a rush to get into a relationship. They’re going to stand back, take their time and be certain that the woman they're choosing is not just a good partner, but by FAR the best choice for them.

Women want ONE good man, but men are looking for THE woman who is uniquely ideal for them.

There’s a really big secret I have to share with you about this… men don’t actually KNOW what they’re looking for (even if they think they do) and there’s one very simple thing you need to know how to do that will show any man that you’re “The One” for him.

What men want can feel elusive, frustrating or confusing, but once you understand how simple it is to be like no woman he's ever met, any man who starts to get to know you will just want to spend more and more time with you.

We’re going to get INCREDIBLY CANDID in this course and reveal how a man GLADLY gives up all his hesitation and reservation, no matter how determined he is not to commit, and THANK YOU for showing up and CHANGING HIS MIND!

It’s NOT a game. There are NO TRICKS. This is the real secret to how to be absolutely AUTHENTICALLY you in a way that men literally can’t help connecting their greatest desire to.



Knowing How To Do This Keeps Him Focused Exclusively On You

Every woman has something inside of her that when authentically expressed is irresistible to the man for her . There is an entire process and ritual I teach women to open this part of their heart that has men shutting down all other options and focusing all their attention on you and you alone. And this isn’t just for the short term, this is something that creates a man who is connected to you and has eyes only for you for the entire relationship.

High Value men are wary of women pushing for a commitment, but there’s a technique that I’ve been teaching for 5 years and that I used myself that works on men who state they’re NOT looking for a commitment. My partner was absolutely clear that he wasn’t looking for a commitment when we met. 90 days later he was talking to me about the idea of moving in. I teach exactly what makes a woman SO compelling that he can’t imagine being with any other woman.

SO many women have been hurt by a man who has lied or taken advantage of them. I teach women the 5 key questions that are impossible for a man to lie without being caught in the first 90 days. This simple technique has helped many women spot a smooth operator even before wasting time on the first date and helped others realize that certain men aren’t too good to be true, they’ve just been waiting for you.

Far too many women have let their heart become connected with a man who turns out not to actually be ready for a committed relationship. One of the best dating hacks I provide is precisely for this and it’s a series of questions you introduce in the first 90 days that he won’t even realize are making his relationship readiness as transparent as glass to the woman who knows how to interpret the answers.

This used to be a big one for me and it certainly comes up a lot with the women I work with. I have a very simple process that includes my meditations to specifically address this. Instead of hoping he’ll reach out, instead of keeping men around you aren’t really interested in so you don’t over attach, instead of any of the inauthentic ways women use to avoid getting too close too soon, you’ll feel completely at ease and in control of what you’re feeling. Rather than panic, you’ll feel at peace and just be able to enjoy falling in love.

A relationship for Right Now isn’t necessarily the wrong relationship, it simply requires awareness from two healthy individuals who understand that they are both going to walk away more deeply understanding themselves and what is possible when love is real instead of self-serving. I teach the way to know if what you’re experiencing is a “Healing Relationship” or a “Forever Relationship” and when each is the best possible experience for where you’re at.

The secret to having a man feel you're like no other woman he's ever met is to keep it together for those first 90 days. Get past that and he's going to feel connected and safe with you in ways he never has with any other woman. By channeling my energy using a special type of meditation, I never showed up in a way that made him back away. Instead, he went from swearing he wasn’t looking for a relationship to asking me how I felt about moving in 90 days later!

I literally couldn't have made it through that first 90 days without my meditations. Every time I felt highly emotional, I'd do a meditation. After the first time we had sex and I wanted take all the stops off my heart, I did a meditation. When my mind started to race because he hadn't texted all day, or he hadn't replied to something right away, I'd do a meditation. I couldn’t have stayed in the great energy he was first attracted to all the way through those First 90 Days without those powerful meditations.


Until now I have only shared my meditations with the women I worked with one on ­one. I now know that these meditations are the secret to allowing a woman to be fully expressed without a man pulling away. It's not about FEELING any differently in the relationships those first 90 days, it's about learning to EXPRESS those feelings in a way that a High Value man wants more and more of.


"How do I know he’s The One before I risk my heart?"

We’ve all been hurt when we believe a relationship is going to last and then it doesn’t or we’ve trusted a man who took advantage of our trust. The other thing I want you to share with you is the way you can know FOR CERTAIN by the end of the first 90 days that the man you’re seeing is worth risking your heart for.

Men are notoriously guarded with their feelings in the beginning, but I have discovered a number of signs that will let you know exactly where he stands and a few really innocent questions that will have him revealing not only exactly what he thinks about you, but what his timeline for the commitment process will be.

And finally, I’m going to teach you something less than 1% of women do at the start of relationships, and it’s precisely the thing that men look for as the indicator of the one woman they want to spend a lifetime with. The fact that you can do this will be as powerful to him as it would be for you to meet a man who paces his sexual connection with you without pushing or having to ask what you're feeling.

Every woman has the capacity to trigger the desire in a man to commit exclusively to her, but so few women know how to do this that the few who do are pursued by more than their fair share of High Value Men.

What I’m going to teach you is not only going to create a response in multiple men, but you’re going to know exactly what questions to ask and what answers to look for to know if he’s ready for a committed relationship or if you need to take a little more time before you risk opening your heart.

Join “The First 90 Days” Course:

High Value Man Radar

The first 90 days is your time to distinguish between Players, Good Guys and actual High Value Men. I'll share the 3 critical indicators men can't help revealing about themselves when you ask the right questions. You will know if he's too good to be true, not quite ready yet or the real deal.

Daily Meditations

Every week I'll upload a new meditation that deals specifically with the most requested and most needed energy centering practices based on my own experience and the thousands of women I've worked with.

Weekly Videos

In addition to the meditations, each week my partner and I will share in candid detail what I did, what he was aware of at the time and why every single day that went by he wanted to spend more and more time with me to the point he asked me how I felt about a deeper commitment 90 days later.

A Magnificent Circle Of Women

It never ceases to amaze me the caliber of women who are attracted to our work. It's not just me revealing secrets, it's a whole group of women tapping into their intuition, sharing their experiences, getting vulnerable and being supportive of each other with unbiased perspective, and understanding.

Your Questions

This is a space where you can ask anything about relationships that has you stuck. If there's not a simple answer that we or the other women in the group can provide, women in our groups get first priority in setting up one-­on-­one calls when needed.

“The First 90 Days” Book!!!

The book is near complete and in the editing process. Everyone who takes the course will receive a copy that you can read through, make notes in, highlight and talk about with the other women in the group. All of our groups remain open for at least 6 months after the course is over, so you will be part of this community for much longer than the course lasts.

Women who went from single to engaged using this method:

I had a lot of fears and insecurities when I began dating again, and they got worse when I finally met a guy I could imagine a future with.

I kept freaking out and thinking that he was talking to other women, texting other women, maybe seeing other women. I wanted to confront him, check his phone, sneak his phone, even find a way to put a tracker on him. It was bad ­ and I knew if I didn't do something about these "crazy" feelings.

Jenn helped me not judge myself and see that these fears came from having a past where my safety was taken away. I was cheated on, lied to, blindsided and more and now I was going into a relationship with a man who wasn't committing fast enough to make my "crazy" triggers not appear.

Jenn's work helped me understand that my truth and past were real, but that this man had never done any of these things to me and if I pressured him because of my pain, he'd let me go.

Jenn gave me a series of meditations that allowed me to remain calm, not judge the feelings I had coming up and wait for him to share his thoughts and feelings in his own time.

Now we're married, and every day he proves to me that he's nothing like the men from my past.


I had so many insecurities and fears about whether I could have the kind of partner I really wanted. Jenn helped me realize that by lowering my standards because I was afraid of being alone I was actually making myself LESS attractive to High Value men.

By working with her and using her High Value meditation I was able to get very clear on what I was looking for and raise my standards and boundaries.

It was once I felt truly worthy of this kind of love that he appeared, but almost as quickly I started to question whether I was really worthy of this kind of love. Jenn's support and meditations meant that for the first time I was able to hold space for myself and tell him how I was feeling without vomiting my emotion all over him.

Now we're married and I'm using the same principles to navigate married life so that I don't end up overwhelming him and pushing him away.

I'm good with the uncomfortable conversations because I practiced having them without loaded energy right from the beginning. The meditations and practices I began when we were dating keep the energy where both of us can be present without blowing up the space.


Even though I wanted love, my heart wasn't ready for its ups and downs. Men felt totally unsafe because of experiences in my past. It NEVER had felt safe for me to speak my truth.

Jenn’s meditations helped me through my inner child wounding work where I learned to speak my truth in a really feminine loving way so that my pain wouldn't explode as rage on the man I was getting to know. By learning to trust my intuition I was able to show up in a way that wasn't hostile or distrusting of men which completely changed the kind of men who were attracted to me.

I was a single mom, and I had a hard time believing any man would embrace all of me, plus one. With Jenn's help I was able to let go of the doubt and fear, and lean into her practices of self love. That's when my man showed up. Now we're married and expecting another child for our family.


After 30 years married to someone who never followed through I finally left, even though I was at an age where I felt love had passed me by.

I met a man who I felt a deep connection with. It was everything I knew I was looking for and what my heart deeply desired, but he admittedly wasn't ready for a relationship because his divorce wasn't finalized.

I wanted to ignore that a jump in with my heart wide open because I had waited SO LONG to feel this way. The panicky feelings I had coming up made me want to grab onto him and never let go. If I'd have done that, it would have been too much too soon and he would have pushed me away.

There were SO MANY triggers I had to work through ­ his divorce wasn't going fast enough, he ended up getting a new job further away, and in the back of my mind I wondered if I'd end up repeating the last relationship or maybe just be alone.

All of those things I was able to get through with Jenn's wisdom and meditations. Whenever I felt like I was going to climb out of my skin wondering what was going on, I was able to relax into her advice and do one of the meditations and get through to the other side.

Now we're engaged. I know the only way we got to here was with the tools I had to manage all of those big emotions.


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The First 90 Days - How to be like no woman he's ever met

Open His Heart - The Way Men Respond To Feminine Energy And Choose To Commit

Soul Seduction - The Final Step To Creating A Relationship Where He Sees You As His One And Only

Healing Masculine Wounding - Eliminating Triggers That Blow Up Relationships

Healing Feminine Wounding 6 Month Course - Eliminating Trauma From Our Mothers Pain Projected Onto Us

Feminine Vulnerability - The Building Blocks Of Every Conscious Relationship

Soul Sex Mastery - Vulnerability In The Most Intimate Setting

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Dating Q & A - MCW Answering All The Biggest Questions On How To Navigate Real Situations

Uncomfortable Conversations - MCW Video Series Where Jenn & Graham Have the "Big Talks" Live On Camera

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Finances For Empaths - Financial Mastery For Women Who Put Relationships Ahead Of Money

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