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Do you ever ask, "Where is MY support? When do I get a break? Who's out there to take the load when I want a rest?" or “Is the kind of man and relationship I want really out there?” 

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You've lived long enough to have realized that as much as women can 'do it all' it's exhausting and the tribe of sisters we used to be surrounded by would be a tremendous support if you could find women conscious enough and committed enough to connect to.

I understand, for four years I raised two teenagers and a brand new baby on my own. I felt stuck in my house, I could only work from home and the girlfriends I had from before were either part of a couple or still wanting to be out on the town.

We're not designed to do it alone. We evolved to be part of a tribe, to share the load and to tap into the wisdom of a collective network and consciousness. Great relationships to us are like air - we need them to rise to our highest selves.

This is a group of conscious women who can give you the advice you need to be strong, recommend the best approach to difficult situations, be available to provide support whenever you need it and refer you to the people, places and resources necessary to get through any situation.

When we're stressed out and stuck in what feels like an impossible situation we become blind to the possibilities and it's easy to lose hope. Being part of this group of conscious women will give you the clarity, courage and energy to take on any challenge and begin to understand that you are valuable, desirable and truly unstoppable!

"Because of this group, I now have a real tribe - deeply connected soul sisters all around the globe. I have met so many amazing, beautiful, incredible conscious women here and met many now in person (and for that I feel doubly blessed). Graham and Jenn, your mentorship and guidance, strength and love, have guided me to the work of truly loving every part of me in a way I never could have conceived of when I joined the group a year ago. "

Jenn D.
Group Member

"WOW! What a difference this has made about the type of man I've manifested into my life! Previously I attracted men who were need, had emotional issues, wouldn't take risks to grow, felt combative at times and were judgmental. A new man has come into my life and WHEW does it feel different! I really worked on the self-love piece of me so I can simply enjoy his company and love getting to know him and his heart . Both of us feel free of attachments . He's happy to spend time with me and totally comfortable when we aren't together or when I have other needs and I feel the same way. "

Michelle A.
Group Member

"I used to feel invisible in public, but I felt myself begin to open up after my first Heart Space call with Graham. Today I went to the shopping center and it was like pretty much every man I walked past was looking at me, many women too. It probably sounds weird to many of you who are used to being noticed, but having the courage to own all of who I am and who it attracts is a big deal for me. It didn’t feel draining or unsafe at all, it just felt natural and pleasant. I shall try it again at the markets tomorrow!"

Jenna C.
Group Member

"This group is fantastic! I am learning so much from all of your insights! I grew up in a family that didn't value emotion, so I shut mine down too. But now, instead of ignoring red flags in relationships, giving them another chance, getting burned and beating myself up after, I'm learning to tap into my intuition. Rather than feelings of anger, betrayal and stupidity coming up I'm able to trust my inner truth and avoid ending up in spots where I'm the "Crazy lady" in front of the man. I never need to go back to those dark places again, because what I've learned here has given me confidence in my "Inner GPS"."

Maryann A
Group Member

"My interactions with men have completely transfomed! Something huge has shifted in me where I don't feel scared anymore. I am actually tearing up as I write this because I'm finally feeling love for men, and it is the most beautiful and freeing feeling ever. I don't feel like I'm not safe or that I have to hide. I don't feel like I have to cover up or can't make eye contact. I am finally learning to embrace my feminine beauty inside and out and it is attracting the most beautiful men."

Sara C.
Course Participant

"My ex decided to try to come back for a reunion tour. I heard the same excuses I've heard a thousand times and always gave him the benefit of the doubt. The last time we said goodbye I was heartbroken, convinced I wouldn't be able to find anyone. Not today. I won't shed another tear - I have seen how you don't show up. You don't get another chance. Today I take all that love and energy that I was pouring into him and I'm pouring it into me. Without all of you I wouldn't have been able to see how far I've come and how much more I deserve. "

Melissa F.
Group Member

"This is creating a way for me to make connections with conscious men. I'm beginning to embrace and allow the vibrations of my feminine energy to flow. I had a lovely date with a conscious man over the weekend. It has been one of the best dates in the last few years. Our conversations flowed perfectly. It was like he knew exactly what, I was thinking. "

Group Member

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Anything is possible and can become even easy and enjoyable when we're surrounded by those we know want to see us succeed.

If you're reading this I know that you understand that what has the most value also take the greatest amount of commitment and effort, but achieving the biggest goals doesn't have to be done alone or just by our own effort.

Stop wondering if you've done enough, if what you want is possible or if the relationship you dream of exists. Connect to a group of women who are living the life you're committed to and learn to rely on the strength and wisdom of dozens of other conscious women instead of feeling like you're doing everything on your own.


Get the answers you want about how to attract a conscious man, what to expect from men and how to know if they've actually done their work or are still in the process of getting their own life together. Graham, along with the conscious men he works with and mentors are regularly interviewed to answer your questions and give clarity from the masculine perspective.

Everything you want to understand from the perspective of a conscious man -

What he's drawn to, what inspires him to be romantic, the best way to engage and connect and what makes it possible for him to focus on and permanently connect to one woman -

All of these answers are available in explicit detail in the live conversations we have and make available to the group.


You deserve to be loved. 



This is Especially for Women Ready For Love


The group focuses on what matters most - YOU!


You want to experience true love. Yet you seek it from a space of incompletion. And you know this is only going to attract into your life a love that is resonant with your current vibration – one of lack. So what’s the solution? We raise your vibration by tuning-up your conscious frequency.

Stop wasting another minute on bad dates or any more energy worrying about whether the kind of relationship you want exists. It’s time to bring true love and happiness into your daily life. We’ll focus on you and the evolution of your soul so you can attract the kinds of relationships you want into life effortlessly.


Become Part A Deeply Bonded Community Who Want Nothing More Than To See You Succeed

Inspiring and empowering people to create a life they love is fundamental to those who are conscious – it's an extension of our passion and purpose. Many of those in the community I run have attracted the relationship they desire. Others have found the courage to step away from what has been slowly consuming them now that they know they're worthy of love.

Everything we share is a reflection of what we live in our every day lives

Everything Graham and I teach is connected to the same work we’ve done to create lives we love and attract one another. Every day we grow and expand in consciousness together and this is an experience and process we love passing along to you and showing you how to embrace.

Start Experiencing Love

Graham and I created the Group For Conscious Women because we saw how transformational being part of a group of women has been for my personal clients. It's not just the details of our story that we share, it's the fact that there are always women to reach out and connect with when you need an answer, or just to know that somebody cares that are the foundation of self-love.

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