Open His Heart 
(even an EUM)

The thing with men is that they know what they THINK long before they understand how they FEEL.  It’s not that their feelings are switched off, it’s that they’re being protected by the gatekeeper of the feelings – their mind.

So what happens is that their mind keeps cautioning them to not open their heart, not to get overly involved, not to let their feelings make their important choices for them and to put off all commitment and relationship decisions as long as possible.

Here’s a little secret that men don’t want their heart to reveal – they WANT to stop investing time in women who aren’t going anywhere and find “the one” they can trust and make a life with, but their mind makes them overthink, back off and avoid making any kind of decision for as long as possible.

The reason for this is that men don’t trust their heart.  By the time they meet you it’s likely been broken a couple of times and because men understand the way the heart works less than we do, they’re more prone to make the decision to switch to trusting their head instead of their heart.

What I’ve been sharing with women is the way to bypass the gatekeeper of a man’s heart and connect directly to the source.

Once you know how this process works with a man, you become indescribably attractive to him – meaning that he knows that he wants to be around you more and more, but it’s different from the way he’s ever felt about a woman before.

The phrase that more and more women I’m working with are hearing form men is,

“You’re not like any other woman I’ve ever met.”


And that’s the thing that gets them past the gatekeeper and to an open heart.  That’s what he’s looking for.  That’s how he’s going to KNOW, how he’s going to CHOOSE, and what makes him WANT to commit.

When I met Graham he was adamant that he wasn’t even looking to date.  His heart space was switched off and he was in full “headspace” when we began getting to know each other.

He’s revealed a lot to me about the process of how the way I showed up was different than any woman he’d ever met and made it literally impossible for him not to open his heart.  It’s not that he felt he was giving me what I wanted, he literally felt like what he wanted most for him was to give me these things.

It’s a fun argument we have sometimes about what’s happening in our relationship and who enjoys more of the connection – me for what I get to experience or him for what he gets to give.

Men are looking for a woman that they never tire of making happy and giving things that make her smile.  Once you know how to signal a man’s heart that you are this woman, the one unlike any he’s ever met, he literally can’t stop his heart from opening or giving you the things that make yours feel filled.

Men are actually incredibly simple when it comes to a relationship – all they want is a woman who they believe they are uniquely designed to make happy for a lifetime.  We are actually in complete control of the signals that tell him he’s found “the one”.

This is not about tips on how to seduce a man – men’s hearts can’t be seduced, only their minds.




This isn’t about how to trick him into thinking something that isn’t actually the truth about how he feels – only the mind can be tricked.

This is entirely about the authenticity of vulnerable feminine energy that we are capable of releasing only with a man we believe we can trust.  It’s a spiritual mating energy we give off that’s as irresistible to a man as pheromones are to another species.


And that’s what I mean by switching on his heart – once it’s on, the only thing that’s capable of turning it off is if we break his heart.


I’ve seen this switch get flipped by women I work with who have been stuck in the friend zone, or a friends with benefits arrangement.

Women who are single who begin the practice report to me that the same day they tap into this energy they have men beginning to approach them and they’re asking me how to manage the attention they’re getting.

And women who have been in relationships where the status is undetermined or stuck are having their man commit, propose and start talking about big lifetime plans and goals they want to make together.

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