Breaking Free From Past Relationships

Find your voice, claim your worth and gain your freedom!

Signs you're emotionally tethered to a past relationship:

  • You still think about them, worry about their feelings and are sensitive to their opinion of you.
  • You see them on social media, receive their calls, texts or emails or wonder what they're up to.
  • You can't fully move on because they still occupy your thoughts and you're not free from their influence.
  • You feel isolated and afraid you will be unacceptable because of how they criticize you.
  • Somehow they make YOU wrong for the behavior you question about them.
  • You want to leave , but you feel sorry for them because no one understands them or can help them like you.
  • You've left, but they keep you tethered through a cycle of begging, promising to change, being passive aggressive, playing the victim, threatening you or threatening to kill them self. 

You can't save or change your ex, but there is a way to get free and let go.


There is always going to be some amount of energetic bond with someone we shared ourselves with intimately. Letting go of these bonds in order to attract in a more healthy relationship takes growth on our part and letting go of them. The most extreme cases of energetic bonding occur between empaths and narcissists. Narcissists are energy vampires who need a constant source of energy. They prefer adoration if it's available, but they will accept any form of energy as long as you don't cut them off completely. Anything that threatens their ego, their reputation or their sources of energy will ignite their rage and a scorched earth campaign where they don't care who they hurt, even themselves, as long as they destroy your ability to affect them. There is a way to get out of the black hole they create, but it requires very specific steps, ones we have taken and supported hundreds of women through.


You deserve to feel safe, to feel loved and to know that you are special.


Once you understand that everything they say is designed to keep you chained to them, you will start to be able to let them go.

I understand how much you care for them and don't want them to suffer, I can assure you that the process that sets you free is the greatest gift you can give them.

Are you ready to live without doubting your self-worth?


How They Got You Hooked...

Almost every woman I've worked with who is a narcissist magnet is an empathic, highly sensitive individual who was imperfectly loved as a child. The unique kind of safety, assurance and acknowledgement of her special way of perceiving the world was either not appreciated or many times even attacked and berated.

Many women learned that love was conditional on them being a certain way that fit their parent and cut off their own feelings in the process.

Most had parents who didn't 'get' them, didn't have space for a big personality and emotions or religion or some other oppressive force left them terrified that unless they were perfect they would never be loved.

This almost always leads to choosing a partner who made you feel amazing for a brief moment, but over time that feeling goes away and you realize you're spending all your energy trying to get them to love you while living up to a standard of perfection he demands that leaves you feeling hopeless, even worthless.

How we become codependent:

In the beginning the narcissist loves HARD! They give so much that it can feel intoxicating. For a few weeks, sometimes a few months, they make you feel like you are the very center of the universe! YES! This is what we've always wanted - to be completely accepted just as we are!

They pour in love and we pour it back in return. Then slowly, imperceptibly, that unconditional love begins to change. They have explanations and excuses for why it's happening, but against our intuition, we believe them... Their once unconditional love is gradually replaced with a sense of having to walk on eggshells. And then we ache SO HARD for the love we once felt and then they have us - we'll do ANYTHING to have that addictive feeling we experienced when we first met.

In the beginning they feel like the perfect match for our soul, but once they 'have us' anyone who knows the real way they treat us is asking why we're still there. We have all kinds of justifications that somehow make sense from the inside, but if we applied to any other relationship would sound hollow and completely one sided.

The entwining grows as they do everything they can to meld their lives with ours. Their identity and needs become the only thing that matters in the relationship and they make us feel selfish and needy for the things we say we want that distract even slightly from their own.

There comes a point where your identity is completely lost and the idea of leaving feels impossible. And even if you manage to break free, they find ways to keep you emotionally tethered, even if it means using your children.

The emotional prison that a narcissist creates grows into a living hell that leaves you feeling depressed, crazy and for many even suicidal. It's not just your happiness that's on the line, it's your life and the ability to break the cycle for your children.

Women who leave narcissists often end up with another narcissist.

The tragedy for many women who manage to leave a narcissist is that their wounded heart is like a homing beacon to other narcissists, who show up at a time when you are your most vulnerable and once again make you feel like someone miraculously is willing to take on what no one else would be able to handle.

So many women I've worked with have left a marriage with a narcissist, only to realize that the man that they felt was different from all the rest is using them for their money, their body or their pure unfiltered love and feminine energy.

It's time to take your power back!

You're likely beginning to understand how powerful, toxic and long-lasting the pull of a narcissist is. The key to breaking free and taking back your power is to be surrounded by people who won't stop speaking the truth about how deserving and lovable you are until you own your power again!

It's once you have support of people you trust around you that you'll find the courage to know you're deserving of love again.

You'll learn the tools and developed the necessary boundaries to prevent you from falling for another narcissist.

You deserve a healthy relationship, love and to feel passion from a deserving man.

Once and for all, let's get you unstuck, you've come this far, now it's time to break free!

6 Week Narcissist Recovery Course

Once you purchase the course below, you will get an email with instructions on how to connect with Jennifer so she can put you in the private Facebook Group. Each Wednesday beginning on June 7, there will be a Live Facebook Video on a new topic combined with a worksheet posted in the same group that you will receive instructions on how to answer.

The video will be recorded and posted for anyone who would like to review it and for those who are unable to attend during the live recording. Between the times each week that the video is posted you will be encouraged to post your answers and participate in the discussion with the other members.

It's once you have support of people you trust around you that you'll find the courage to know you're deserving of love again.

You'll learn the tools and developed the necessary boundaries to prevent you from falling for another narcissist.

You deserve a healthy relationship, love and to feel passion from a deserving man.

Once and for all, let's get you unstuck, you've come this far, now it's time to break free!


6 Week Narcissist Recovery Program:

Week 1 - Understanding How You Fell For A Narcissist

  • Understanding Why You Attracted A Narcissistic
  • Why Empaths attract and bond with Narcissists
  • Why it's so easy to fall for them and so hard to break free
  • The first step is acknowledging the truth, the next step is letting go of judgement and blame
  • This week we will focus on why your heart got sucked in

Week 2 - Breaking The Energetic Bonds

  • Giving yourself permission to feel all your feelings as you let go of the relationship
  • Knowing the difference between chosen and being settled for
  • Identifying where he or your feelings still have power over you
  • The levels of letting go - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance and empowerment

Week 3 - Safe, Strong and Permanent Boundaries

  • Avoiding the masterful lies of the 'reconciliation'
  • Keeping out of the unwinnable Grey Areas
  • Third party strategies that keep you out of the battle
  • Emotional supports that are critical to stay sane when they're not

Week 4 - Reclaiming Your Identity

  • Stepping away from their lies, out of your story and into your truth
  • Self Love exercises to reconnect to the truth of who you are
  • How to stop their gaslighting and stories from triggering you
  • Replacing all the drama with a new set of dreams

Week 5 - Cutting the Cord For Good

  • How to know when it the right time to set each piece in motion
  • Specific ways to respond to begging, promising, name calling, and threats
  • How to never get sucked back in again (and feeling the freedom to say no)

Week 6 - Learning To Be Safe And Finding Freedom

  • Creating the vision of the life you deserve and desire
  • Allowing yourself the freedom to believe that there are safe men
  • Having a plan that keeps your heart safe from these kinds of men
  • The next step to claim your worth and attract a genuinely conscious man

You deserve to feel safe and loved.

No matter what anyone has told you, you don't have to subject yourself to more abuse and gaslighting by the person who has taken away your dignity, sanity and feeling like you'll ever feel safe to love again.

I want you to know you deserve to feel a whole lot differently, beginning with safe and loved.



Stop feeling:

  • Crazy

  • Guilty

  • Afraid

  • Alone

Start feeling:

  • Confident

  • Competent

  • Centered

  • Supported

We created this program to be the most affordable way we know to get you the answers and support you need.

We know it takes a lot to recover from a relationship with a narcissist, so we've worked hard to make sure information is incredibly affordable.

This course was created to support YOU

Beyond the information you receive is the community of support from other women who get it who are connected and have your back whenever you need it.

If you've left or been working on leaving a relationship we know you'll already have invested in your decision, so this course and permanent group membership costs just $497.


The first women who commit to being part of the course will be able to participate for just $497 $247.

This is the information that Graham and I WISHED we had when we left our relationships.


Your sensitive heart isn't built for what they're going to do when you cut ties.

You've followed your intuition this far, now it's time to take your final steps. Join us and a supportive community of other women who understand exactly what you're going through.

Follow Up:

  • Watch the videos as often as you need
  • Use the group for support and to answer questions
  • Build your real life team to support you through each step
  • Book calls with Jenn or Graham if you need additional support

Now is the time to get past this pain in your life forever...

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Soul Sex Mastery - Vulnerability In The Most Intimate Setting

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