Calling in Conscious Love happens once we’re comfortable and confident with ourselves at a soul level.

When we know who we are and are completely comfortable with our high standards for love and intimacy, that’s when a man with equally high standards can recognize us as the partner he’s been searching for.

This is especially for women who feel they’re over the wounds of past relationships and want to know how to create an aura that is irresistible to the kind of man worth spending a lifetime getting to know. 


The 5 Principles of Soul Seduction:

Self Love

What we attract is a reflection of who we are.  Attracting a magnificent love begins with understanding the genuine and authentic things about us that make us a fabulous partner.



Heartspace Opening

Nothing is more attractive to a man than a woman who is able to live with her heart open.  Addressing past wounds and learning how to feel safe with masculine energy is what makes a woman’s own energy instantly noticeable where ever she goes.


Feminine Energy Activation

The thing men crave more than anything – more than even sex – is access to feminine energy.  Learning to let this flow from the space of a safe open heart is a woman’s secret to calling in the kind of man she desires.

Leaning Back

A woman’s fundamental need is safety, but for a man that need is freedom.  He isn’t looking for freedom from commitment, he’s looking for the freedom to know what’s truly in his heart.  The woman who can lean back and give a man space to understand his feelings makes him feel safe, and in turn she becomes more desirable.


Accepting Magnificent Love

Once we attract magnificent love, we must be able to accept that we deserve it.  If we’ve never been loved so completely and so deeply, it’s easy for feelings of unworthiness to creep in.  Preparing for a magnificent love is an important part of making sure that love lasts.

  • 1. How High To Set Your Standards - You may have heard that your standards are too high, that no man can possible measure up. In this video we'll explain why you actually need to be very specific and make an even MORE detailed list than people who don't understand conscious relationships tell you.
  • 2. What High Value Men Look For In Love - This video will show you in very specific detail exactly what's on the list of the particular man you're looking for. The good news is that he's looking for all the best parts of who you are and that you're designed to fit his list just as beautifully as he fits yours.
  • 3. What Blocks Our Heart - Most of us have learned to create a layer of protection around our heart caused by wounds from past relationships. In this video we'll address the process to let those walls down so that the man who wants to love us can come in.
  • 4. Using The Power Of Feminine Energy - The power of our feminine energy is so easy to miss or take for granted because it resides so naturally inside of us. This is the part of us that men find intoxicating and in this video we'll share how to learn to lead from this part of us.
  • 5. Creating A Safe Space For Love - Big feminine energy can be intimidating for men and for many represents Red Flags from previous relationships. In this video we'll speak about how to be authentically all of who you are without being too big for him to embrace.
  • 6. Definition Of A Conscious Relationship - Graham and I take time in this video to explain the qualities and signs of a conscious relationship so that you can easily know the difference between the Purple Fog of chemistry and the real foundation of a relationship that starts strong and has each of you drawn closer every single day.
  • 7. Managing Big Energy When It Comes Up - Women have bigger emotional expressions around aspects of the relationship than men. In this video I will describe how I learned to hold space for the big feelings and powerful emotions driven by my highly sensitive empathic feminine nature so that I wouldn't scare him off.
  • 8. What Kind Of Love Men Need - Men and women come from very different energies and the way men look at love and relationships is different from women. Graham will explain in this video what this looks like in a way that makes sense to women.

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Jennifer is a highly intuitive empath whose gift to feel into people’s energy allows her to sense the world around her on an energetic level. Not understanding this when she was younger, she felt like she was too much – too much energy, too much spirit and too much emotion. 

She uses her unique gifts in support of highly sensitive and empathic women to embrace the beauty of who they were born to be and claim high standards for themselves and their relationships.


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