Soul Sex Mastery

Sex for a woman goes beyond the body, past the mind, and right through the heart.  When it's right, it's an expression of her soul.

"This is a course EVERY woman must take!" 

Ready to Own Every Part Of Your Sacred Sexuality?

I thought I understood what sex was because I'd been having it for 20 years and given birth to 3 children... until my first experience with conscious Soul Sex.

It was like going from a 1 to a 10+++ !   

There are SO many more levels to the experience of sex once you feel truly safe to open not just your body, but your heart, your mind and your soul!

After seven years with this man the joke every time after sex is where I say, "Oh my GOD..." and he finishes  "'ve never felt anything like THAT before!"

After working with hundreds of women who have shared their experiences around sex with me I know that this is available to ALL women.  What gets in our way are issues of trust, past sexual trauma and guilt about sexuality from family, religion and society.

Most women I work with are emotionally sensitive, the vast majority are empaths and I've discovered a high correlation between this kind of woman and a profound connection with our sexuality.  Many, like me, are far more connected to their sexuality than the average woman and have an almost unlimited capacity for passion and sexual expression,

That first time I made the connection with a conscious man with my body and soul I felt things that I couldn’t believe were real!  I remember walking into Starbucks after realizing that my shirt was on backwards, my sweats were inside out, my hair must have looked crazy - and I DIDN'T CARE!  I was floating on a different planet!

Women are designed to feel pleasure beyond anything that's really possible to describe and when we make the connection to our soul, it opens up all kinds of blocks to our energy and feminine intuition that we put in place at some point to protect ourselves.

I've always felt that this was something that I wanted to keep private, between my partner and I and inside the personal conversations I have with the women I work with one-on-one.  Recently I changed my mind because I realized how many blocks are keeping women's energy stuck in other areas of life that are connected to sexual energy. 

This course is for women who intuitively understand that far more is possible with sexual connection than what they've experienced so far.

Healing The Soul Through Sex


Far too many women have some form of trauma in their sexual past. Even recently I went through my own process of accepting that there were still experiences that were affecting my ability to feel completely free and open - and I believe now this is a process that we will be in a constant process of revealing.

If you've ever been made to feel uncomfortable because of the attention of masculine energy that you didn't want, if you've ever been touched without consent, if you've felt unable to ask a partner to slow down, wait or not touch you in a way that you didn't like - all of these build up in our sexual memory and affect how we connect during intimacy.

Many women have experienced real sexual trauma, been victimized by gross or overpowering sexual contact. I've also had many conversations with women who have agonized over decisions around pregnancy, abortion, or if and how to approach family or new partners with details of assault or humiliating experiences around sexuality.

There are parts of ourselves that we don't realize get shut down from the history of all of these experiences that wound us that only begin to be opened in the context of a conscious relationship.

I want you to know that this opening doesn't have to wait until you're with a conscious lover, it can even begin in the context of a relationship with a conscious female mentor or a conscious man whose heart you can feel is fully open, yet he has no designs on you sexually.

It's important to be able to share the things that we've held in secrecy about our sexuality before we can be fully open to the full possibility that sexuality holds for us as women. There are many ways that you're going to be able to do that in this course - from very private ones if that's your personality, sharing with a conscious woman, man or being witnessed by a sisterhood of loving women depending on what your unique healing requires.

This Course is for you whether you're in a relationship or not, whether you're having sex or not or whether you're planning on having sex in the near future or not.

It’s for every woman who understands that her feminine energy, spiritual energy, emotional energy, and sexual energy are all connected and that every kind of connection and experience in life is affected by the energy from other parts of life.

Sign up right here if that's what you need to know — I'll share more below about the kinds of things that happen for us as women in the sexual experience itself once this is opened up for us.




What Is Soul Sex? (...or Soul Fucking, as I call it)

Soul Fucking goes beyond the sensation of any orgasm you've ever had - especially if the best orgasm you've had is from personal stimulation.  

Very few of the women I work with have never had an orgasm or unsure if they've experienced an orgasm, but the majority of "modern women" have had the best orgasms during some kind of experience that involves specific focused stimulation.  If it's been during sex with a partner, this stimulation has been part of the equation.

I'm sure there's a part of you that intuitively understands that in order for us to have the most soul opening kind of orgasm we can't be thinking about or working on some kind of formulaic physiological response that we've spent years creating the recipe for.

Soul Fucking is the ability to feel so safe with our body, our desire, our partner and the ability to get completely out of our heads - even out of our body - and drop fully into our soul that what we experience and what they witness in us ever time is something that doesn't compare to what's happened before... no matter how many times we've been with them.

It's not simply having more orgasms in one experience than you've ever had before - that certainly happens, but that's a detail not the focus.

It's not having bigger orgasms, multiple orgasms, combination orgasms or even really about the orgasms themselves.

Soul Fucking is something that doesn't fit easily into a description because when our bodies, minds, hearts and soul are all opening and firing at different times in different ways over a 10 out of 10, after it's over you can't really put it into words other than saying, "Oh wow... I've never felt anything like THAT before!"

When Graham said to me after what I thought was the most unbelievable 10+/10 that was possible that there was far more possible past what I'd just felt, I didn't understand yet that as I got to know his heart and his soul and the trust got deeper and deeper at those levels that the experience becomes more and more magnified.




FIRST - Every woman has a different level of energetic and orgasmic chemistry.  What your journey will feel like is going to be entirely unique to you. That's a pretty beautiful thing - to know that whoever you are experiencing this with will be a first for you and for them, no matter what history either of you have had.
That means you can let go of wondering whether he's enjoying it, what he's done with who, how it compares or what he thinks of your reactions to the experience the two of you are having.  Nothing is more erotic to a man than knowing that he's witnessing a level of ecstasy that he's part of creating that a woman has never experienced before.

That means every single time you'll reach a new level and every single time he's going to be the Sex God to your Sex Goddess - and that's an indescribable turn on at a spiritual level to a man.

SECOND - These experiences are nearly impossible to put into words.  It's like there's not enough letters in the alphabet or adjectives in the dictionary to capture the combinations of feelings that move through.
There's never a single feeling because our energies are constantly weaving in and around each other during the experience.  There's times the emotions may be so powerful you may weep. There's times the sensations may be so overwhelming that you rip the sheets, grab at anything you can to dig your nails into or wonder later if neighbors are looking at you "that way" because they heard the sounds coming through the walls.

Romance novels take their best shot at this part of the experience, but they really don't get past a description that titillates our emotional adolescence because the real thing can't be described with literary skills (and I suspect those who spend time writing about it are the same ones WISHING they knew what the real thing was).

THIRD - Each experience is different from the one before.  If I described mine from today, it would be completely different from the one from yesterday and that one from yesterday wouldn't be a description of the one from the way he woke me up with earlier in the day.
This isn't a thing that wears off over time, that fades over the years like typical relationships.  Soul Fucking is part of the fabric of the connection between two conscious individuals that is as natural and continuous as all of the other parts of the relationships that are growing and connecting at ever deeper levels.

Seven years later I never stop thinking about him, I constantly desire him and the more I experience the more I desire.  If you've ever had the type of connection with a man where you ache every time you think of him you'll understand this - except it's like that ache begins the day you meet and then just constantly grows and evolves every day without ending after - for years and decades after.

If what you wanted to understand about this course is whether we'll be talking about things that you can't find in other books, courses or articles on sexuality, the answer is certainly, "YES!"  You can sign up right here and you don't need to read about why this is such a big part of the reason a relationship with a conscious masculine man never feels like their is space between the two of you, that you're so angry you can't think or feel your thoughts and emotions don't matter to him.


If you are connected to a man who is not simply penetrating and stimulating your body, but his essence is thrusting into your very soul, there is no way for him to be ignorant of or dismissive of the being of you!

“Did you cum?”  “What do you like?”   “What turns you on?”

These aren't things we need to ask someone when we're connected by our souls any more than he would fumble when trying to figure out how to comfortably hold our hand while we walk.

Everywhere we go Graham and I naturally find each other's hands as we walk, or as we drive or slip into some kind of spooning when we're in bed.  It's not "romantic," it's just how two souls that are joined connect.

I suppose if I counted I could tell you how often we touch each other every day, if I'd guess it would probably be up near one hundred.  He's constantly coming up behind me, kissing my neck, pressing himself into me as he wraps himself around me and inhaling deep as if he's breathing me in.

When I was single and wrote what I was looking for in a partner, I started off with... "I want a man who touches and kisses me - a LOT."  Since we connected, this man has never left me feeling like I wanted more connection than he gives. It's never been the giddy kind of teenager groping and chasing either, it's the touch, desire and presence of a completely masculine entity who I know with certainly has chosen me specifically as his feminine reflection.

There's no such thing as a "fight" in this dynamic.  Even if something comes up where we're frustrated or not understanding how what the other wants can fit the other's needs, the focus always goes back to what I call, "TEAM US".  And Team Us always gets things figured out in a way that works for both parties with the bonus being that any tension only ever translates into hotter connection later rather than building resentment that builds over years in codepent couples.

Here's the thing though, this kind of man isn't going to connect with a woman who holds parts of herself back.  He's not going to become some kind of teacher or sexual guru to show her how far he can take her with some sense of fulfillment by proving what kind of lover he is.

If we're not ready to open these parts of our self when a conscious man appears in our lives, he's going to quickly feel the blocks of energy that are there and let us go in order to find the woman who is ready to meet him where he is at.  

Too many women claim that there are not enough conscious men, when the reality I have seen is that they are all around, but they simply won't make a connection with a woman who doesn't understand these parts of herself that need to be healed, opened, or believes that her "One" is the man who will hold space for the healing or education that didn't or couldn't happen with others before.

We are grown women.  It is our responsibility to be able to show up in the space ready and safe enough to be able to know who we can trust and then open deeper and deeper in that trust without demanding an attachment of eternity because our soul was opened so deeply for the first time ever.

Can you fully express your sexuality without attachment?  Can you fully unleash the wildness of your sexual goddess without fear of what he thinks or the necessity of a soul commitment from him because something was triggered in yours?

If a man fucks you to the depth of your soul, do you have the capacity to manage the emotions of your heart or will the oxytocin overload your brain and tell you that you've met "The One" or need him to tell you that's who you are now to him?

This is the number one way I see women blow up relationships before they even begin - either holding off sexual connection so that they don't have to worry about controlling the reaction of their heart, or opening up in the sexual connection and then becoming immediately needy, clingy or uncertain about how to manage all the different levels that are going off inside them.

If you understand how the dichotomy of Masculine and Feminine makes our reactions virtually polar opposites, then you can sign up below and don't need to read the final piece that is the reason I believe it's so important to hear from the masculine about what this feels like from the other side.  

His Orgasm Isn't The Same As Ours... and that's a GOOD thing!

Real Conscious Masculine sexuality never feels like what I call, "A girlfriend with a penis," but the fact that his heart doesn't get involved as rapidly as ours is a benefit that you're going to discover and appreciate through this course.

In conscious sexual connection the roles are pretty much reversed - you're going to discover that it's your desire that never shuts down and his that takes a more measured approach.  This means something pretty radical happens in conscious sexuality - HE is the one who makes the decision about what is appropriate timing for sex to happen, and HE then takes the responsibility for creating everything for an experience where all we need to do is show up and LET GO.

The reason it's a good thing that men aren't as closely connected with their hearts to sex as we are is that because men are better at remaining in their head, a conscious man who has the ability to tap into his heart, while he is connected to his feelings, is not driven by emotion or his hormones.  

This creates a dynamic where we get to learn to trust and lean into the masculine without wondering if we're being tricked, used, played, or simply one of multiple connections he has and we're not more special than any other woman he's been a lover to.

There is a lot of conditioning that makes us think that men stop thinking of us as souls once they penetrate our bodies, but it's the opposite with conscious masculinity.  

A conscious masculine man isn't even going to move into a sexual space with us until he's certain it's the right moment - whether that connection is an evening or an eternity.

What would that experience be like if you were with a man who was more interested in your person than your pussy? How would sex be different if you weren't worried about your heart, your body, your reputation, or whether or not you explode in a million different colors and sounds in front of him?

When you connect with conscious masculinity, it's a space where you learn to shut down the mind more and more every time.  You begin to let go of body insecurities. You get to move into a space without a busy mind, without a clock keeping time, without any of the demands of work, life, kids, finances or any other responsibilities.  

It's a space we just get to float from orgasm to orgasm, being as openly sexual, horny, slutty, wanton, crazed, blissed, fucked and totally spent and cummed out because he takes over every other thing that would require us to leave our head and our worries switched on.

He's also going to be the one who is more level headed about where the relationship is actually at and the fact that we've had the most mind blowing sex of our lives won't distract him from the reality that there is a lot more we need to know in order to choose a whole life together than how our parts and our orgasms fit.

Soul Sex Mastery is not about mastering your orgasm, finding G Spots, Z Spots, yoni eggs, tantric practice, achieving multiple orgasms, or any other kind of magical climaxes. This is about what it takes to be a grown ass woman when it comes to being connected to and completely comfortable with her sexuality and understanding why this is essential for ourselves and connecting with divine masculine energy.

This course is going to be incredibly fun, but more than that it will change every part of your life as it opens you mind, body and soul!

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