Here's Why That Happened: The Evolution of Sex

sex Apr 20, 2019

Women were originally the most treasured and respected members of Matriarchal societies where their ability to create life and intuit the rhythms of nature were of the highest value.

Women are empathically and sensually more powerful whereas men are pragmatically and physically more powerful. Combined the strengths of each create tremendous synergy and allowed us to take control of our environment. Next we extended this to conquer the world.

Once we discovered that it was easier to take the resources of others rather than hunt and gather our own, masculine energy became the dominating force and the sensuality and intuitive wisdom of women became a threat.  

The Industrial Revolution began to shift things again and the Feminist movement pushed women back to a place at the table and women have made good with many of the advantages they have over their mother's generation.

The problem is not the fact that women have become sexually liberated promiscuous, ball busting economic power players. The problem is that most men still fear the power of feminine energy - the intuitive gifts and sensual essence - because men have stagnated in their own evolution due to lack of role models and enough pressure to compel change.

There is no Virgin - Whore, there are only women, everyone who is both sacred and sexual. It is only lack of development of one's awareness that obscures this. This obstruction occurs in both men and women who place shame on women's sexual expression while elevating all things spiritual. The truth is they are one in the same.

The equivalent would be to slander all men who develop obvious physical strength as stupid brutes and laud the qualities of pragmatic philosophical and intellectual pursuits (which of course, happens as well).

Religion has further elevated these ideals with the sense that any qualities of the physical will not be present in the afterlife and therefore lack the same importance of those that are existential.

The irony is, that our most pure experience of bliss and unfiltered sharing of energy occurs at the moment of orgasm. So the degree to which we attempt to separate the 'sacred' from the 'profane,' or the 'virgin' from the 'whore' is the degree to which we deny ourselves the ability to live as a whole individual.

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