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  • Conscious Breathing Meditation
  • Let Him Go Meditation
  • Clear Him Out Meditation
  • Raise Your Vibration Meditation
  • Believing In Men Again Mediation
  • Cord Cutting Meditation

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  • Self-Forgiveness Meditation
  • Breathing Meditation (Anxiety)
  • Letting Go Of Fear Meditation
  • Forgiveness Meditation
  • Connecting to Your Inner Child Meditation
  • Creating Your Safe Space
  • Releasing Guilt Meditation
  • Self Love Meditation
  • Wombspace Meditation
  • Processing Big Emotions Meditation
  • Feminine Intuition Meditation
  • Cord Cutting Meditation
  • Removing Foreign Energy Meditation

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  1. Before Going Online Meditation
  2. Channeling "Yes" or "No" Meditation
  3. Before A Date Meditation
  4. Centering During A Date Meditation
  5. After a Great Date Meditation
  6. After A Bad Date Meditation
  7. Before Sex Meditation
  8. After Sex Meditation
  9. After An Argument Meditation
  10. After A Breakup Meditation

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  • It's Not Your Fault You're Not Driven By Money
  • Where To Begin If You're Buried With Debt
  • How To Get The Most Help In The Shortest Time
  • Step 1 To Getting Out Of Debt
  • How To Stop Dreading Bills And
  • Start Finding Money
  • Best Resources To Build Places To Find Money Outside Of Work
  • The Way To Make Budgeting Enjoyable For A Creative Brain
  • Money Management For Artists and Healers
  • Making Money Work For You
  • PLUS Why people with money will want to invest in YOU!

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  • Why Creatives Struggle With Organization
  • Managing Our Energy
  • Making Procrastination Work FOR You
  • Clothing & Closets
  • Weekly Organizing Strategies
  • Habit Of Being On Time
  • How To Follow Through on
  • Intentions and To Do Lists

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  1. Overview
  2. Letting Go Of Attachments
  3. Preparing To Set Boundaries
  4. We Call In What We Are Trying To Heal
  5. Breaking Ties & Cutting Cords
  6. Envisioning The Life You Desire
  7. BONUS Co-Parenting With A Narcissist

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  1. Healers are born with a unique gift that requires a much more
    evolved process for creating healthy relationships
  2. The gift of the healer is constantly looking to connect to a need.
  3. How to make sure that connection is healthy for both.
  4. How to protect yourself from attracting emotional children,
    bottomless pits and narcissists
  5. The processes for healers necessary to be able to live without shutting down their heart
  6. Setting boundaries with those we're close to so we form healthy relationships and don't become their healer
  7. Healthy places to find opportunities where our gifts are welcomed, acknowledged, appreciated and acted on
  8. How To Set Boundaries That Can't Be Crossed.
  9. Are they connected to you for you, or what they think they can get out of you?
  10. Ending Toxic Connections
  11. Taking responsibility for our habit of overgiving
  12. Knowing who to give your energy to
  13. How to set boundaries with the people we love the most

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  1. Defining Vulnerability
  2. The Support of Loving Mirrors
  3. How To Begin The Practice of Vulnerability
  4. Perfectionism as a mask
  5. Safe Practices to Stop Hiding Flaws
  6. What Men See In A Vulnerable Woman
  7. Overcoming the Fear Of Not Being Chosen
  8. Allowing A Man To See The Real You
  9. How To Respond When A Man is Vulnerable
  10. Moving Past "Too Much" & "Not Enough"
  11. Live Process Example of Being Vulnerable With A Man
  12. Live Process Example Of Getting Back To Center After Vulnerability

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  1. Where is your love meter stuck?
  2. Healing The Inner Child
  3. Owning Your New Truth
  4. Revealing and healing triggers
  5. How To Process Triggers
  6. Revealing the part of you that is irresistible
  7. Why we give our power away
  8. Who are you surrounding yourself with?
  9. Clearing out old toxic programming
  10. Healing the Father Wound Process
  11. Healing the Mother Wound Process
  12. Integrating Your Worth

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  1. Understanding Masculine Energy
  2. Preparing For Trauma Release
  3. Identifying The Father Wound
  4. The Father You Deserved
  5. The Oldest Wounds
  6. Releasing Pain And Shame
  7. The Cost Of Unreleased Trauma
  8. Fear vs Intuition
  9. Tapping Into Authentic
  10. Feminine Essence

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01 Ending The Belief of "Too Much" "Not Enough"

What Type Are You?  "Too Much" "Not Enough" or Both?
Identifying the actual Feminine Wound
Did trauma cause you to become The Victim, The Over-Giver or The Badass Bitch?
Determining your GENUINE feminine essence

02 "What's My Emotional Age?"

Where Our Emotional Age Shows Up
How Did It Get Stuck?
Why Empaths and Highly Sensitive Women are more likely to get stuck
How emotional age affects Conscious Relationships

03 Anxious Attachment - This Is Real For Virtually All Sensitive Women

Why we feel the need to test a man's love
Why the fear of abandonment never leaves
Why we think his uncomfortable moods reflect his feelings about us (they don't)
Letting go of the idea that his desire for us is about something
unique we can soothe

04 "I'm A Strong Woman...Until There's a Man I Actually Desire"

Why that strength leaves us right when we need it most
The kind of strength that is permanent and that men actually crave in a woman
Reprogramming our nervous system with feminine power vs masculine defense
How we can be safe without living in armor

05 Sexual Power & Feminine Energy

What's your sexual type persona? "Little Girl" "Seductress" or "Sensual Sage"?
How to end the distrust of men
Letting go of the habit of using sex as power
How to embrace our full expression of sexual desire

06 Safety Response vs Vulnerability

Over-thinking vs. living effortlessly in the moment
Over-reacting vs. Gracious Communication
Over-Needing a man to prove his love vs. embodiment of self-worth
Over-Expecting vs. Understanding how the masculine is designed to love

BONUS 1 Repairing The Nervous System
BONUS 2 Opening Up Your Feminine Soul To Connect To Your Highest Self

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  1. Your Standards AREN'T Too High
  2. Getting Started
  3. How To Get The Best Pictures For Your Profile
  4. Writing a Top 1% Profile
  5. What Relationship Ready Men Are Looking For
  6. How To Handle Unwanted Attention
  7. What To Know Before You Meet
  8. What To Ask Your First 3 Dates
  9. How To Know If He's Relationship Ready
  10. Building Confidence
  11. Can You Date Before You're Ready For A Serious Relationship?
  12. Healing Relationships vs Forever Relationships
  13. What To Do Once You Meet A Fabulous Man

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  1. The difference between how unconscious and unconscious men view sex
  2. Why "Leaning Back" is irresistible to High Value Men
    What are men looking for?
  3. What do they crave that only a woman has?
  4. What does it mean when he says...
  5. What makes a man fall for a woman still working on herself.
  6. What makes a man open up
    Qualities that a High Value Man sees that makes him believe a woman is High Value
  7. How men feel and describe an evolving relationship.  (His terms are different than yours for the same feelings).
  8. What to expect in the first 90 days with a High Value man
  9. When will he be ready to commit?
  10. Men relate to the connection of sex differently
  11. What kinds of standards and expectations a High Value man has
  12. Masculine and feminine can feel at odds with each other until you understand this

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  1. Understanding the hearts of men
  2. The difference between intense masculine energy and toxic energy or a narcissist
  3. How to remain safe when triggered by masculine energy
  4. Speaking to men in ways they can hear and embrace
  5. How to talk a man who's on the edge
  6. Why men get uncomfortable around women's big emotions
  7. What to do to get him to open up when he shuts down
  8. Distinguishing between magic he's born with and actual work he's done to know if he's conscious or just "sparkles"
  9. What sets off toxic masculine energy and what to do when it appears
  10. What "Romance" means to masculine men
  11. How men are put together emotionally
  12. How a highly sensitive woman can be high value and still be all of herself
  13. The four reasons a high value man will pass on a woman

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  1. Do you get anxious and reach out when he doesn't text back?
  2. Do you try to keep it together only to find things get out of hand when you can't hold it in any longer?
  3. The exact language to use with men to keep them from shutting down.
  4. The 8 words you can teach a man that will prevent you from ever having to fight.
  5. The special touch to use on a man that makes him want to open his heart.
  6. How to tell him the things that are upsetting or annoying without him taking it personally.
  7. What to say to make a man want to invest more in a relationship.

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  1. When To Lean Back And Give Him His Space
  2. Calming The Overthinking
  3. Learning To Be Calm When You Start Feeling Triggered
  4. Vulnerability
  5. Caterpillars and Butterflies
  6. What To Do When He Frustrates You
  7. What Are Your Standards
  8. Settling Vs Compromising
  9. Victim or Grieving
  10. Expectations vs Standards
  11. Floaters Vs. Fillers
  12. Boundaries & Jealousy
  13. The Divine Feminine
  14. Tapping Into Feminine Energy
  15. Dating Rules
  16. Remaining Calm Under Pressure
  17. Staying In Your Power
  18. Leaning Back Shows High Standards
  19. Leaning Back When Triggered
  20. What To Look For In The First 90 Days
  21. Bridging The Gap - Men Need Space / Women Need Connection
  22. Why Self Love Isn't Selfish
  23. Primary Response To Safety

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  1. Dating rules in the first 90 days
  2. Expectations in the first 90 days
  3. How to know if he's relationship ready
    How High Value Men approach dating
  4. Questions to ask and avoid
  5. How to avoid getting taken advantage of
  6. What To Do When He Takes Space
  7. Sharing Feelings Without Scaring Him Off
  8. Addressing Triggers without blowing things up
  9. Avoiding early attachment
  10. What Inspires Men To Lean in?
  11. What triggers men to commit
  12. BONUS - Sex in the First 90 Days

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  1. Men and women Do want the same thing, but describe it differently
  2. Deserving vs Desiring
  3. How To Avoid Codependency
  4. How To Ask Him The BIG Questions
  5. How Men Want To Be Loved and Spoken To
  6. High Standards vs Entitlement
  7. Q & A
  8. Frustration resolution

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  1. How High To Set Your Standards
  2. What High Value Men Look For In Love
  3. What Blocks Our Heart
  4. Using The Power Of Feminine Energy
  5. Creating A Safe Space For Love
  6. Definition Of A Conscious Relationship
  7. Managing Big Energy When It Comes Up
  8. What Kind Of Love Men Need

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  1. Combining Confidence with Vulnerability
  2. Conscious vs Unconscious Sexual Energy
  3. The Evolution of Connection
  4. What's your sexual language?
  5. Trust At Every Level
  6. Body Image
  7. What's REALLY Sexy!
  8. Being A Multi Orgasmic Woman

1001 Permission to Embrace Every Part of Who You Are
1002 How To Measure Your Self Worth
1003 We're Deserving of Love, Now Where Is It?
1004 Turning "Highly Sensitive" into "Highly Valuable"
1005 Clearing Past Trauma - Share or Work On It Alone
1006 Why Therapy And Personal Growth Don't Get Everyone To The Finish Line
1007 Forgiving Self
1008 How To Tell The Difference Between Fear, Intuition or High Sensitivity
1009 Managing Your Nervous System
1010 How To Be Safe Even While You're Feeling Uncomfortable
1011 Vulnerability as Power
1012 Unconditional Love - Are You Using Love To Try To Be Loved?
1013 Habits And Traits That May Be Pushing People Away
1014 Knowing Owning Increasing Worth
1015 Who’s The One That Will Endlessly Embrace All Of Me?
1016 Will You Find Love? If so, When?
1017 How To Become More Energetically Attractive And Powerful
1018 Allowing Your Energy To Flow And Draw People To You

2001 Why Unconditional Love Doesn't Work
2002 Letting Go Of Attachment
2003 What Leaning Back Looks and Feels Like
2004 Leaning Back - How To Use it To Create The Life You Want
2005 Do Your Boundaries Match Your High Standards?
2006 When There's People In Life We Can't Control
2007 Feeling Guilty About Setting Boundaries For Those We Care About
2008 Boundary Examples
2009 Setting Boundaries vs Overreacting
2010 When We're Forced To Set Boundaries We Didn't Ask To Be Responsible For
2011 Boundaries, Deal Breakers, Standards, and Desires
2012 How To Help Without Becoming His Mommy
2013 No Compromise Relationships / Boundaries / High Self Worth
2014 Leaning Back Questions Answered

3001 Women Are The Leaders in Relationship Spaces
3002 Men Have Power Women Have Control
3003 Power of Change In Relationships Through Feminine Energy
3004 What Makes A Conscious Relationship Work
3005 We Describe An Actual Conscious Relationship That's Not Our Own
3006 Highly Polarized Masculine / Feminine Relationships
3007 Men aren’t “emotionally unavailable” - they’re not as emotionally focused
3008 What To Look For In The First 90 Days
3009 How The Opposite Things Men And Women Want Create Synergy
3010 When He Promises, But Doesn't Follow Through
3011 How To Handle The First Time He Pulls Away
3012 Ways To Tell Early What His Real Character Is
3013 Is he actually Conscious, or just Gifted/Magical in nature?
3014 Pay Attention To How He Shows Up When He's Sick or Super Stressed
3015 Is it personal issues or mental health issues affecting him?
3016 How To Support Him Without Becoming His Mother
3018 How A Conscious Man Addresses Things That Upset His Partner
3019 How To Know He's "The One"
3020 Why Men Withdraw and what to do while they do
3021 How To Cope With The Wait Until He's Ready To Hold Space
3022 Do Men Need A "Safe Space" the Way That Women Do?
3023 When You Need Connection And He Needs Space
3025 Getting Comfortable With Giving Him Space When He Needs It
3026 Is He Taking Space or Just Being Selfish?
3027 How To Reconnect After He Takes Space
3028 Managing Masculine & Feminine Extremes
3029 Navigating Differences in The Masculine And Feminine Approach
3030 Why Men Get Sensitive When You Challenge Them
3031 Why Men Are Slow Going In, Quick Getting Out
3033 How Hard Should A Relationship Be?
3034 When He Doesn’t Get How Important It Is To You
3035 How Men Process the End of a Relationship
3036 Who They Are Really Shows Up When They're Sick (or stressed)
3037 Your Questions About Men Answered
3038 Valentines Day - Happy LOVE DAY!
3039 How Do I Know If It's Love Or Lust?
3040 The First 90 Days Is Time To Really Get To Know Them, Not Fall In Love
3041 Sharing Your Needs

4001 Rules For Arguments
4002 Bringing Up Uncomfortable Topics
4003 How To Have SAFE Uncomfortable Conversation
4004 Why We Get Triggered Once We're In A Relationship
4005 Real Processing of How We Debrief And Reconnect After we
Disconnect or Argue
4006 Graham Is Surprised That Jenn Is Frustrated WIth Him
4007 Part 1 of Our Hardest Processing Live
4008 Part 2 of Our Hard Processing Live
4009 How To Bring Up Uncomfortable Subjects
4010 Men Aren't Mind Readers - Letting Him Know Your Desires
4011 How We Have Moderately Challenging Conversations Without Getting
Into A Fight
4012 Creating Agreements Ahead Of Time To Avoid Arguments Becoming Blow Ups

5000 Do You Want Firm Mentoring Or Soft Support?
5001 Leadership For Empaths
5002 Conscious doesn't mean perfect
5003 The Value of Doing The Harder Work
5004 How Easy Should We Expect Life To Be?
5005 How To Move Through Life When It Feels Unfair
5006 Under Pressure We Step Up Or Get Crushed By Feeling Stepped On
5007 Having To Do Things That Don't Fit Our Natural Energy
5008 Taking On Leadership In Areas We Didn't Ask For
5009 "I'm A Leader. Who Gives ME Support???"
5010 Are We Setting A Standard Other Women Can Be Inspired By?
5011 ACHIEVE Personal Development Coaching Plan
5012 What Level of Accountability Do You Need To Guarantee You Succeed?
5013 When Your Awareness Has Changed But 5012 What Level of
Accountability Do You Need To Guarantee You Succeed?Your Behavior
Hasn't Had A Chance To Catch Up
5014 Being Conscious Involves Uncomfortable Conversations And Hard Work
5015 How To Keep Growing And Not Get Overwhelmed By It All
5022 How To Handle Christmas With Family
5016 Dealing With Overwhelm around Christmas
5017 From Highly Sensitive To High Value
5018 Doing The Work Doesn't End
5019 Setting Effective Intentions
5020 Empaths Response To National or Global Trauma
5021 Believing In vs Owning One's Worth - Where Tribe Is Necessary
5501 Doing The Thankless Tasks With A Little Joy
5507 Feeling Like You're Not Growing? Try This

6001 Men Judging Your Sexual History And Choices
6002 What It Takes For A Man To Show Up Authentically and Powerfully
in the Bedroom
6003 Managing Your Libido While Single
6004 Is It Lust Or Love
6005 What Are Conscious Men Like When It Comes To Sex

Individual Courses Available Here

I used to believe it was impossible to meet a man who would embrace every part of my sensitive, emotional, feminine essence.

I was told that I expressed too much, cried too much, and felt too deeply. I was made to feel I wasn't together enough, tough enough or strong enough to be loved and fully embraced by the kind of man I deeply desired.

I got to the point where I nearly gave up... then I met a conscious man who made me feel like those were the parts of me he loved most of all.

There had been cruel men who attacked and insulted these parts of me and careless men men who put me down. There were even a few sensitive men who listened, but didn't know how to be centered enough for what I needed.

But I knew I wanted - I NEEDED - more...

...and then I met a conscious man.

If you're like the sensitive empathic women I mentor, you long for a masculine man with the capacity to embrace and hold space for your feminine soul. You have so much that you want to share, but the men you've met have made you feel flawed for being you or had so far to go to reach their potential they needed a mother more than a lover.

Conscious men with the ability to hold space for you do exist.

A man exists that is the perfect compliment to you. There is a synergy and chemistry better than the fantasy and I know it's there for you because I've seen it happen now over and over.

I have now supported women who have never married, women who have left narcissists, women who have been left alone with children by men who were emotional children themselves and young women just beginning their search all learn to open their hearts in the way that draws in the energy of a conscious man.


Are You Ready To Love Yourself The Way A Soulmate Should?

I'm going to share the secret behind all my clients who have attracted ‘the one.'

It starts with completely accepting and fully embracing every part of ourselves.

The first step for me was to find the courage to start over. In 2009 after 17 years of marriage I was on my own with two teenagers and a newborn.

I made the commitment to find women who could show me the way to create the kind of life and love I desired. Four years later I put myself out into the dating world and two days later I met my conscious man.

I got a lot of response to the dating profile I put up, but I instantly knew one man was different from all the rest.

It's not a matter of being able to attract men's attention. The critical piece is respecting and loving yourself so deeply that only a magnificent man meets your standard.

Conscious love is possible, but we need support to first fully love and accept ourselves.

And this is the truth…

We attract the love we believe we deserve. We attract a better kind of love when we live in a better kind of love.

This is why I have created Women's Circles. Love isn't created in a vacuum, it grows in the presence of people who truly see us, reflect the beauty of all that we are and validate how valuable and special we are.

It begins by surrounding ourselves with people who love us and whose lives are examples we want for ourselves.


Join Myself and Graham as I share my process and he explains how it makes a woman irresistible to conscious men

I want you to hear not only from me, but from a conscious man what it takes to become irresistible to a man who has the strength to embrace every part of you, the courage to express himself, and the commitment to claim you exclusively.

Every month I'm contacted by hundreds of women asking what it took to attract a conscious man and if there are more like him out there.

Yes, absolutely!

After mentoring hundreds of women through the process of self-love, seeing them begin to attract a different caliber of relationships, fall in love, celebrate their proposals and now more and more receive invitations to their weddings I can promise you this is possible for you too!

When my relationship ended I felt like this might never happen. I had so many messages of being 'too much' and 'not enough' stuck in my head. With three kids and mounting debt I worried that men would only see me as a burden and that I would never find love.

I realized I needed to build a new foundation of confidence and self-acceptance before I would have the energy to love. I didn't want a man who would fix or save me, I wanted to be someone who was exquisitely worthy of love.

It began by choosing the people I would surround myself with, people who valued me, embraced my quirky, complicated and emotional qualities and proved those parts were worthy of love.

Do you want a remarkable circle of women you trust to love and support you this way?

It all changed for me the day I realized:

“Lovers with whole hearts don't seek out the broken to heal their wounds, it's when we are whole that they recognize what they seek in us."

It's not that men who are ready for a conscious partner are rare…

It's that we don't see them and they can't see us until we do more than believe we deserve it, we must be a loving soulmate to ourselves living a life with the kind of energy that inspires him to not only meet, but exceed the expectations already evidenced in our life.

For me it began with setting aside time every day for self-love. I went for dinner, bought myself flowers, took myself to the movies. I created a process of connecting with and loving my body and learned how to see myself through a lens of beauty instead of criticism.

It's not an accident that the man I attracted goes out of his way to spoil me with all of things and much more. He met a woman whose standards impressed him and his natural desire to be his woman's hero took over to give me everything I already had plus more.

This is what's critical to understand about men...

You're not going to attract a man who gives you the fantasy you've always dreamed of, you'll attract a man who is attracted to the energy you're living when the two of you meet. If you're not encountering conscious men, it's because the standard you've set for yourself doesn't inspire them to recognize you as the kind of woman they're looking for.

The good news is, we have total control over who we attract by the way we love ourselves

Are you ready to love yourself fiercely?

Don't you want a man who loves you passionately and is inspired to give you the world?

There is a process, inside the safety of a circle of love where you're fully seen, deeply acknowledged and authentically loved, where you will discover the essence in you that is the aphrodisiac to conscious men.


Discover How To Become Irresistible To Conscious Men …


Are You Ready to Love Yourself as Deeply as You Desire a Partner to Love You?

I've worked with enough women to know you might be thinking…

  • "This can’t happen for everyone"
  • "I already lost my greatest love…"
  • "I'm too complicated"
  • "You can't find everything in one man"
  • "I’m too much"

I understand. If this was true about anyone, it would have been me. Who would want to partner with a hyper emotional, single mom with teenagers and a toddler, an entangled divorce, financially complicated highly sensitive woman?

You know who I ended up meeting? A man who was ideally designed to support me in every single one of these areas!

The same is going to be true for you. The man out there right now, the one literally waiting for the woman who he is uniquely designed to be a magnificent partner for, is there waiting for you begin living with the belief that you deserve him.

It's not an accident that it was only 2 days after I put this intention out into the universe and committed to attracting a partner who met 100% of the standards I'd set (he exceeded them).

I see this over and over with the women I've mentored in the past 4 years.

When someone holds the space for us, believes in us before or when we can't and creates a safe space for us to believe, that's when we're able to claim the truth for our self.

It's not your fault you haven't created this yet, we all need someone to reflect the incredible value in us before we believe.

You Deserve Someone Who Sees
The Value In You To Love

Before we can attract a magnificent love we need to surround ourselves with people who love us without judgement.

Something special happens once we're in a protective circle of total love and acceptance. We begin to focus on our beauty instead of flaws. Over time we realize we don't have flaws, just quirks and unique character that make us unique to love.

Graham and I had both resigned ourself to the idea that maybe no one would love some as unique and complicated as we were. When we met we discovered someone better than either of us had imagined.

What would it feel like to be able to strip down and fully reveal all your thoughts, feelings, passions and desires of your soul?

When you’re part of a conscious relationship, there is no judgement. You don't 'tolerate' each other, you hold space for each other. You don't take turns compromising, you both actively collaborate to create a mutual win. Even when it gets tough you don't argue, you look for the best in each other and take time to understand what you each need.

Don't you want a relationship where you're loved most for just being you?

Create a connection that asks no more than that you simply be the best version of yourself.

The most freeing thing about my relationship today is I don't 'try'. I'm deeply appreciated for doing the things that come naturally.

The same is true for Graham, the flowers he's always getting me, the thoughtful moments and physical and emotional closeness are naturally what he wants to give.

For 4 years we've been together almost constantly and rather than feeling exhausted by each other, we constantly find more to love.

Discover A Love That Gets Better Over Time…

Imagine a relationship where you're more excited to see each other every day, even after years of being together. A relationship where every night he wraps himself around you and every morning you wake up to a soft, loving touch.

The sex that's possible with this kind of bond can't easily be put into words, but every woman I've spoken to who's connected with a conscious partner agrees that the total trust and openness in the safe space a confident man like this exudes makes romance novels feel tame in comparison.

Don't you crave the safety of a man where you can experience that?


What Happens That Makes Conscious Men Respond Irresistibly?

There's an energy we begin to give off once we learn to love ourselves that becomes an irresistible attractor to men who seek a conscious partner.

When you flip this switch, they can't stay away.

It doesn't matter if you're short, tall, voluptuous or thin, it's the confident energy of a woman who loves herself than men who aren't wounded adore. It's when we feel insecure or unworthy that we attract men who are projects, narcissists or looking for a mommy occurs.

Spending countless hours online, on bad dates, and kissing frogs is unnecessary when you're clear about your standards for your man. That's why I was able to pick Graham out of so many without the drama of bad dates.

Most women think it's got to be a numbers game to find a good man. It's not. Once you begin putting out a focused energy the right man zeros in and the rest won't matter.

Are you tired of games, players and men who don't plan or follow through?

I hear about this from virtually every woman I speak to, women who waste months on a man who disappears, runs away or who makes commitments he doesn't keep. The way I set women up, they skip all of the drama and go straight to the real deal!


The Reason Settling Never Works

Settling for someone who is simply better than being alone has only one outcome: codependency. We settle for them and they settle for us, and there are no passionate relationships that spring from a foundation of compromising our standards and a vibe of toleration.

Just getting out there isn't enough, it's our energy that matters most.

I know women that have spent years on and off of dating sites, worked with dating coaches and match makers and still haven't found what they're looking for.

When we have the right kind of energy it takes just days or weeks before the right kind of men start resonating with our vibe.

Do you want to attract magnificent men?

“Choose to be a woman with high standards and firm boundaries, and you will start to attract men who are inspired to measure up."

Conscious Love Springs From Personal Choice

"Make the choice right now that you're worth a special kind of love."

I'm making available the exact process I use with my one-on-one clients where Graham and I will personally support you through the steps of the process.

At this point I am booked out months in advance for personal work, so I have created this to prepare you for your relationship with a conscious man. It's time to prepare your heart for the partnership you've longed for. It's totally possible, and it's much MUCH closer than you might think.

I want you to believe as much as I believe that you deserve magnificent love….

Getting on a dating site, having friends set you up, even working with the top matchmakers isn't going to create the spark you're looking for if you're not living with a belief you deserve your soulmate in the quiet lonely moments late at night. Switch that on in a genuine way and your energy will create instant attraction where ever you go.

I’m a little reluctant to share how powerful this attraction can be…

Because since I switched this on, it's never gone away. 4 years later and every time Graham sees me it's like it's for the very first time. He tells me often that I become more and more attractive - and I FEEL it! The more I feel it, the more real it becomes.

All the women I've worked with report the same thing - men who weren't in the same energy vibe before suddenly start approaching them, the barista buys their coffee, men plug their meter, leave them notes and compliment them on how lucky their man must feel.

They're always appropriate and always surprised a woman 'like her' could possibly be single.


"You CAN Have It All! I thought that you couldn't have a great guy AND a passionate relationship. I was dating a decent, but boring guy where everything looked great on paper, but something was missing - PASSION! He didn't think I was funny and there just wasn't any sexual chemistry. He kept telling me he was in love and was even asking me to marry him, but my intuition was telling her something wasn't there. My last relationship was really passionate, but he was controlling, cheated, couldn't keep his commitments or make me feel safe. So I thought that you had to choose between one or the other. Because of the support I got from Jenn, I learned that I could first believe in myself, and once I knew I was the kind of woman who could offer it all I realized it was possible for there to be a man who had it all. Jenn proved to me that it was possible to have all the qualities I wanted in one man - she'd found it, and then I did too! I found a man who is sexy, loves to laugh with me and last month we actually got engaged!"


You Will Have A Clear Sense Of The Power of Your Energy With Men And Group of Powerful Sisters You Can Rely On

Nobody does it alone.

Mentor ship is the secret to success in any aspect of life. Fumbling around on our own or being surrounded by people no closer to the kind of love we're looking for isn't going to turn the key to the door that love is waiting behind.

Your Safe Space

One of the big secrets to the work I do is that it's never just me. In addition to the honest perspective Graham shares about men, you will be surrounded by other women who are committed to making sure you see the beauty in you the way the world sees it.

Letting Your Heart Flow

I'm not talking about a spotlight kind of energy where you feel like you're on stage, it's more of a quiet glow, one that makes people with a genuine intent keep an eye on you, find an appropriate moment and look to get to know a little more about you. Even places you frequent will start to feel different as people remember our , know you by name and smile the moment they see you.

Are You Ready To Create Irresistible Love?

Honestly if you're reading this far you know your soul is aching for you to take these steps.

You deserve to experience soul love.

If not now when? In another lifetime? Don't you deserve to experience the joy of another person lighting up every time you walk in the room?

“For every soul there is its compliment. Don't leave your match longing for your heart to show up for him.”

Did you think of that? By not opening your heart and turning your love light on you're denying an exceptional man the pleasure of the woman his heart aches to embrace.

Your soul is trying to speak to you...

There is a love you were born for and deserve. Only by risking the first steps can you begin the journey to love...

Once you give yourself permission to begin it is a very short space of time until you start attracting genuine love everywhere you go...

And then like so many of my clients you attract a magnificent man, you begin planing the rest of your life together, you're celebrating a proposal, a ring and for some even picking baby names.

It may seem like a dream now, but looking back then, today will feel like a lifetime ago.

The experience of life today is the one that will feel surreal. It will be hard to believe that there was ever a time you wondered if an amazing man would make you the center of his world and love the parts of you that are 'complicated'.

You are very close to the moment where your soulmate looks into your eyes and let's you know that for him, there is no other woman he sees.

So many women have attracted this love...

Carly and a number of others met their ideal guy online. Sarah discovered her highly romantic man at a business conference. Amhika met her man at a cousin's wedding. Belinda met her partner while on a cruise with her girlfriends.

It often happens when and where you least expect it.

Join us and let's be be sure you get there.

When Graham and I met we didn't think this was going to be the big one, but we had both reached a point where we didn't dread being single. As Graham said, "I never looked at it as 'dating'. To me it was just a process of getting to know interesting people and I happened to meet you!"

I like that way of seeing life, as an experience rather than a destination. That way you get to enjoy the ride!

The key is being on that journey with someone you appreciate, and first on that road is you.

Are You Unintentionally Giving Off Conflicting Signals Even Though You've Worked on New Energy?

I've seen many cases of women who have done their work, but who don't realize they're stuck in a pattern of old unconscious habits giving off signals that aren't really them and it's pushing men away. I even had this come up after I'd met Graham and he challenged me if that's really what I'd intended.

This one's a bit of a trick because it can usually only be spotted by others, and people who've known us a while don't pick up on it because to them it's just 'us'. All of us have these leftover echoes of the old us stuck inside and they usually come up at the worst times.

When you work with a mentor and support group, these get noticed right away.


Here are a few things people have said:

"I Realized I Deserved So Much Better..... I'm embarrassed to admit that when I came to Jenn I was in a relationship with my boss. I pretty much felt trapped because I worried that if we broke up I'd also lose my job. I didn't have the self-worth to believe I deserved better, that I could attract better. Somewhere along the way I'd stopped believing in me. Worst of all, I knew that he was cheating on me, but I didn't feel like I could call him on it without him lashing out at me, lying, denying, blaming me and making me out to be delusional or crazy. What I wanted most was to be CHOSEN by someone. Actually, not just by someone, but by an incredible man who saw me as special. With Jenn's help I was able to begin to let go of all the old and toxic programming that had taken over my mind and heart. We worked on manifestation and just a few weeks later I met my conscious man. This month we've gone ring shopping! :) I'm so glad I did the work with Jenn and allowed myself breath life back into the belief that I matter and that I deserved so much more than I was settling for."


"I Am TOTALLY Worthy Of Love! My heart was broken far before I ever started dating. My wounds went back to when my father walked out when I was just 5 years old and left me with the feeling that I wasn't worth choosing. Even before I began dating I felt forgotten, worth less, abandoned and that led me to believe that I had to settle for anyone who told me they loved me. My energy attracted all the wrong kinds of men. It was the kind of thing that abusers, cheaters, and narcissists have a radar for and I went from one bad relationship to the next just looking for someone to love me, to choose me, to be enough that they would treat me right and not be doing things behind my back. I became a single mother and decided to focus all my love and energy into the heart of my little girl and give her the love I wished I'd had for myself, but in the process I wasn't giving it to me. I wanted to be able to model the kind of conscious relationship with a man that I wanted for my daughter. It took some work, but it was absolutely worth it. Not only did I attract an incredible man who respects me, treats me like a queen and is a great example for my daughter, my new energy has been noticed by everyone in my life and even resulted in a MAJOR job promotion. I have my daughter, my man and a job I love with a salary and benefits that I didn't even dream would all be possible before working with Jenn."


"More Money, More Magic and More Fabulous Men! I decided to work with Jenn because I identified with her feeling like she was always "Too much" for people her whole life. My parents split when I was little and I really felt like it was because I was so much to handle. I had so much energy in school that hardly any of my teachers knew what to do with me and my experience with men made me feel like the only thing men wanted me for was sex, that they didn't want to listen to what I was feeling or thinking. When I started working with Jenn I was a single mother with two young children. It still felt like men only wanted one thing, and I was looking for a relationship where sex was the dessert on top of a remarkable spiritual and emotional connection. Jennifer helped me realize that I'm NOT too much, that the energy in me is special, wonderful and that the right man would see that and be attracted to it instead of afraid of or overwhelmed by it. I had magic trapped inside of me that I just needed permission to let out. The right people would be attracted to it and the others I didn't need to concern myself with. Now I'm enjoying loving the fully expressed version of me, attracting men who love the energy in me and getting to know who I am on the inside and by putting my authentic self first I've been able to re-negotiate my job with a pay raise, Fridays off to spend with my kids and the ability to create my own job description."


"She's My Miracle I can't even begin to describe how tough a situation I was in when I started working with Jenn. Unless you've been through a divorce with a world-class narcissist, it's pretty hard to put into words. My world was literally been torn apart around me. Those of you who know KNOW what kind of soul destroying power this kind of ex can unleash when they don't get what they want, but not only did I make it through, I won. I won my sanity. I won my dignity. I won my daughter. And I won a very VERY big settlement when even my first lawyer said I would probably never see a dime. If it hadn't have been for Jenn I likely would have given up. Instead, she helped me create a vision of life so powerful that nothing he threw at me phased me. He never got to see me sweat (and it got unbelievably nuts). Originally, I was telling myself I couldn't afford to work with Jenn, but what I realized was that I didn't think I was worth it. The reality was that I couldn't afford NOT to work with her! Because of Jen I've started a new business as a mortgage broker, helping women who are going through the same challenges I faced get on their feat again."


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